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Name of Organization / Company: VNPT Vinaphone Corporation
Category: B01 - B09 - Award for Excellence in Corporate Innovation > B04B. Award for Excellence in Innovation in Health Care Industries - More than 100 Employees

Entry Title: VNPT HIS


VNPT HIS originated since the actual application situation and legal framework for information technology in the health sector in Vietnam has been still in development stage, deriving from the actual requirements of medical facilities in Tien Giang province for a hospital information management software which is suitable with the conditions/ characteristics of Vietnam and characteristics of the health facilities themselves.

In responding to the urgent requirement of satisfying the consecutive changes and update in accordance with the request of management by the Ministry of Health and Social Insurance Agency, after consulting international software, by identifying the necessity of an optimum product which is more suitable for Vietnam's health sector, VNPT Group has determined the objectives and decided to develop the VNPT HIS software. In a short time after launching, VNPT HIS product was awarded with the "Vietnamese Talent Award" title - a prestigious award in Information Technology area of Vietnam. The period from 2016 to 2017, during the implementation of the Government’s resolution on connecting the medical services administration and health insurance payment, VNPT has upgraded VNPT HIS product in accordance with the State’s orientation and implemented product deployment nationwide.

With the objective of computerizing the medical services administration, supporting the business works and health insurance payment, VNPT HIS software has been developed and continuously upgraded to satisfy the requirements of the users and State’s management. Up to now, VNPT HIS software has had sufficient modules for hospital information management. The main modules include: patient reception, outpatient examination, inpatient treatment, pharmacy management, medical supplies management, medical fees payment, laboratory information system (LIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS). In addition, VNPT HIS software also sufficiently satisfies the regulations of connecting with the State’s management system, especially the health insurance verification and payment system.

VNPT HIS software provides tools for various user objectives including physician, nurses, administrative staff and managers in for: supporting the examination and treatment services for patients; management and operation of the hospital; providing a channel for exchanging information between hospitals and people, between hospitals and State management offices. At present, VNPT HIS software provides more than 500 functions and more than 300 reports of various types in accordance with the Ministry of Health Vietnam.

By the end of 2017, VNPT HIS has been used by 7278 health facilities in 60 provinces throughout Vietnam. Of which there are 181 provincial-level health facilities, 588 district-level health facilities and 6509 commune/ward-level health stations. On average, VNPT HIS software is serving 150,000 visits per day.

VNPT HIS software has contributed to significantly increase the effectiveness of medical examination and treatment activities, health insurance payment, shorten the waiting time for patients in medical facilities and hospitals. VNPT HIS is deployed on the basis of cloud computing, following the Industry 4.0 orientation and being a component of VNPT's Smart City solution. VNPT HIS is offered in the form of leasing services in accordance with the policy of the Government. VNPT HIS software is offered under the form of leasing services in accordance with the Government’s policy. VNPT HIS software always responds promptly to the requests for changes in order to standardize the business activities of Vietnam's health sector. Therefore, VNPT HIS software satisfies sufficient factors for a fast and wide deployment on medical facilities nationwide. VNPT HIS software has contributed to implementing the policy of State and Ministry of Health in constructing a comprehensive Information Technology system for the health sector.

The success of VNPT HIS product has been recognized by the Ministry of Health. VNPT HIS software is continuously to be upgraded and expanded to become an ecosystem of applications serving the health sector.