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Name of Organization / Company: VNPT Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
Category: N01 - N02 - Award for Innovation in Technology > N01. Award for the Innovation in Technology Development> Telecommunications Industries

Entry Title: VNPT Technology Smart Connected Platform



Why IoT platform?

Nowadays, the Internet has played an important role in every single criteria in human life. With the advantages of low cost, wide coverage, high speed, the Internet gradually become worldwide and soon, will be available in everywhere. As forecasted, 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020 in all over the world. We target to reach worldwide market, to host not only the IoT Devices, IoT Applications but also the end-to-end IoT solutions.Taking the advantage of the Internet, a new trend of technology was created. It is called the Internet of Things (IoT) which is simply known as a network of Internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data.

To become the pioneer in IoT market, VNPT Technology – a member of VNPT specialized in technology – has developed an IoT platform named Smart Connected Platform which has the capability to connect a huge amount of devices and is able to host unlimited applications in different vertical industries.

Smart Connected Platform : an End-to-end IoT platform ( )

Smart Connected Platform (SCP) is an end-to-end Internet of Things cloud solution designed and developed by VNPT Technology Vietnam. SCP brings a comprehensive technology solution for Internet of Things tailored from Cloud computing, Edge/ Fog computing and other advanced technologies such as Message broker Technology, Big Data Hadoop, Middleware Technology, OTA (Over the air) and Global Security Standard.

In July 2017, VNPT Technology developed the 2.0 version of Smart Connected Platform which has enhanced features and capabilities.

There are not many End-to-end IoT platforms available all over the world because IoT is still a new trend. However, some platforms are focusing on the feature portion such as storage infrastructure, device management, connected devices system and limited integration for its own devices only.

Normally, to connect a huge number of devices, developers have to face a lot of questions about selections of devices, connectivity, storage and other questions. It takes a lot of time and effort to answer the question but they still don’t know if their system is optimized or not. Smart Connected Platform was developed as an open platform and it aims at providing an end-to-end IoT solution to users. SCP shows the supportiveness to all of its stakeholders in the entire value chain of IoT Ecosystem:

- For Developers:
SCP provides hundreds common APIs, SDKs on almost platform like Java, Javascript, iOS, Android… to support multiscreen/multi-platform application development on SCP platform.

- For Customers:
SCP aims at bringing an end-to-end solution to customers with reasonable price, fast deployment and easy usage, no matter which field their demand is in.

- For Device vendors:
SCP is an open platform which is able to connect various types of devices. SCP is in progress to integrate with as many device vendors as possible aiming to create a diverse ecosystem for IoT.

Outstanding case study: Smart Agriculture solution

Smart Farm Solution for 6 hectares farm of vegetable and poultry was finished in September 2017. The solution is quickly reaching to many areas not only in Vietnam but also abroad and many contracts are in queue for finalizing. The end-to-end IoT solution is deployed to make the farm smarter. Smart Agriculture solution is beyond a Connected Farm system. It connects every single component in the closed loop value chain to achieve the most efficient Farm and Food solution.

Besides with Smart Agriculture solutions, VNPT Technology is researching and developing other solutions on Smart Connected Platform. The solutions are not limited in any specific industry but open for all types of demand from customers, from technology customers to non-tech ones. VNPT Technology is aiming at making Smart Connected Platform become a platform for a Smart City which is able to host all necessary applications for citizens.