Viettel Group - Campaign Management

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Name of Organization / Company: Viettel Group
Category: J01 - J02 Award for Innovation in Customer Service > J02. Award for Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice > Telecommunications Industries

Entry Title: Viettel Group - Campaign Management


According to the reports of Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam's Telecommunication market is having a rapid growth, the revenue from teleco services was estimated 353.000 billion VND in 2017, increased 6.8 % compared to 2016. Being the world's fourteenth most-crowded nation, Vietnam is considered one of the countries with high density of teleco subscribers’ worldwide, especially mobile prepaid subscribers. The competition among operators to aquire subscribers and increase market share will be much fierce. To retain old customers and gain new subscribers, network operators like Viettel are obligated to improve service quality, reimagine our business system, and to create innovative offers for customers due to digitization.

In 2017, although the market continues to be saturated, Viettel's domestic telecom business still maintains stable growth because of positive changes in the new technology and new applied software tools. The deployment of our Campaign Management system is making smart use of digital technology calls for a wholesale digital transformation.

1. About the product

Viettel Campaign Management is a united digital system that offers deployment including: planning, development, implementation and evaluation of telecommunication promotions campaign. New smart features to support data mining are implemented in this system to fully recognize the behavior, habits, and preferences of customers so that the offers deployment will meet right customer in right time.

- Because it is a full-stages-deployment system, the time-to-market of an offer is much faster, the deployment time reduced from 7-10 days to 6-8 hours.
- The system has a central data warehouse that is built up meticulously with full attributes of customers than ever. Hence, business sector no longer have to directly manipulate the separated database on multi systems because errors may arise through many stages.
- The system introduces a new technology that performs parallel computations on data streams and manages high throughput traffic. It helps us design complex even-driven applications on intense streams of data reducing latency from 8-10h to 5-10 minutes.
- Customer behaviors are analyzed in multiple dimensions (voice, sms, data, consumption, time, location ...) to support the operation of making effective offers policy. There are a lot of offers deployed with success rate for response from customers reaching about 80%.

2. Achievement

- Commercialization date: 30/04/2017

- Price of products, telco solutions and services: 4,5 million USD

- Turnover of products for deployment in Viettel
o 2017: 8 million USD
o Until Feb/2018 : 2.7 million USD

- Market share:
o On the Vietnamese market
o Mobile subsribers: approximately 60 millions.

- Customers using the product:
o CLM - Viettel Corporation
o Product Center - Viettel Corporation
o Viettel Import & Export Company

- Some feedbacks from our customers:

o “The system deployed very fast hot business offers. I appreciate your system because we do not have to do many requests to different units in Viettel anymore.” – Sales Department Manager of Viettel Telecom.
o “In the past, we were struggled with manipulating Big data from multi sources. When Campaign Management system is deployed, we can retrieve data more proactively with powerful tools” – Product Center Manager of Viettel Telecom.

3. Future Works

Viettel Campaign Management system will be upgraded and adjusted to meet the conditions of complex deployment and the needs of business. Next year's system will be upgraded with:

- Offer Bank System offers smart offer based on customer experience and feedback. This module recommends to customers according to preferences as well as consumer trends personalized to each subscriber.
- The intuitive Dashboard reporting system allows administrators, business executives to manipulate visual charts, customer trends as well as the effectiveness of policy programs.

In 2018, our system will be launched in foreign countries such as Peru, Mozambique, Haiti, Laos, Cambodia ... with the scale of approximately 100 millions subscribers.