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Name of Organization / Company: Telkom Indonesia
Category: Q05 - Q14 - Award for Innovation in Websites and Blogs > Q05. Award for Innovation in Business Information or Application Websites

Entry Title: Solutionpedia


The rapid development of the digital age today, encouraging companies to start moving and implement ICT as part of its business processes. Companies begin to have specific ICT requirements tailored to its core and business objectives.

The existence of such facts becomes a great opportunity for PT Telkom as a Digital provider to provide effective and efficient solutions for every ICT needs which are being required by these companies.

The large number of products and solutions owned by Telkom Group and the unavailability of an integrated online system to deliver effective Solution Knowledge information, becomes a challenge as well as obstacle for Enterprise & Business Account Manager (AM) when offering the solution to its customer. The AM has difficulties in studying and comprehensively mastering all the products owned by Telkom Group that affecting the quality and speed of AM in capturing the opportunities that exist in the market. AM is also less able to correctly identify of customer’s end to end fundamental needs because of the lack of new information related to solutions owned by Division and Subsidiaries unit in Enterprise Business scope. The level of speed solution offering that made by AM to customer will influence level of speed of project prospect conversion become project winner.

To facilitate AM in identifying and mastering Telkom Group's Solutions in order to make best Solution offering to Customer, it is very important to build an integrated system / IT Tools that can display online and real time all the list of Solutions catalog owned by Telkom Group. The catalog list is expected to have information solutions that are easy to understand and comprehensively can help AM provide a complete solution offer to the customer.

Based on the results of analyzing information both internally and externally, the result for Problem formulation is AM need the IT tools to get access to solutions owned Telkom Group in online basis, real time and integrated in one application. The problem formulation was then followed up by developing Web-based solution Catalogs named Solutionpedia. This Web Catalog uses segmented-based Marketing, so AM can easily to understand and master quickly any solutions owned by Telkom Group.

Solutionpedia can be accessed & monitored in real time by Division and Subsidiaries by category per division, Subsidiaries and business line. Each product info will be completed with proposal model and related marketing kit. The implementation process of this mobile application starts with system analysis (business process analysis, configuration analysis, benchmark, desk research & brainstorming analysis), web development (develop and enhance web design, function, navigation & notification alert), database development, Setup of user admin interfaces for updates, Integration of Web apps to databases, Database Migration, UAT Database & UAT Web Development. The Solutionpedia socialization to all AM is done in CFU Enterprise Marketing Forum attended by all Division, Subsidiaries and Regional Telkom.

Solutionpedia integrates all solution catalogs owned by CFUE divisions and subsidiaries in a WEB with Proposal Content and related marketing kit. Solutionpedia also displays update pricing through tariff calculator application and monitors AM alignment through AM Mapping application. With the completeness of the Solutionpedia features, it will assist AM CFUE to master Product & Solution owned by Telkom Group. AM can easily make best offering proposal to Customer.

To maintain the implementation of the program in accordance with what has been planned, it is necessary to do Strategic Evaluation to ensure that Solutionpedia effectively and efficiently used by AM CFUE. The evaluation process will be integrated into the Web so it can be monitored online directly by Management.


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