Telkom Indonesia - Digital Omni Channel Platform

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Name of Organization / Company: Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Category: N01 - N02 - Award for Innovation in Technology > N02. Award for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation > Financial Services Industries

Entry Title: Digital Omni Channel Platform


Driving by customers’ ascending demand for anytime, anywhere access, financial institutions are slowly but surely facilitating more seamless banking experiences. Consumers are transacting via apps, websites, and ATM more than ever, while traditional teller interactions are becoming a thing of the past. Modern bank customers gravitate to offerings that make bank services available remotely and universally, pressing banks to be more customer-conscious to answer that call. Banks now have to think beyond the transactional part of their business and appeal to the consumer demand for expanded omnichannel experiences.

To overcome the challenges. Telkom Indonesia has developed Digital Contact Center solution with Omni Channel Platform capability. This platform has been successfully implemented in Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), called SABRINA, as personal assistance with artificial intelligent technology embedded on BRI social media channels such as Telegram, Life Chat Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Before Omni Channel Platform implementation, BRI has multi-channel touch points for their customers, but still working separately one by one. With more than 80 million of customers, BRI multi-channel touch points, such as BRI Call Center, Social Media, website; were not enough to accommodate customer interactions. For instance, existing BRI Call Center capacity only 1,25%, much lower than banking industry average are already above 10%. This has impacted to underperformed BRI customer service: high customer service waiting-time (20 sec; while industry average is 10 sec) and high lost call up to 15.51%.

In developing Digital Contact Center for BRI, Telkom Indonesia has provided full managed service business scheme using Infomedia Customer Interaction Management (CIM), a platform solution designed by Infomedia, part of Telkom subsidiary. Infomedia CIM manage to integrate marketing, sales and customer service using CRM Analytics, Omni Channel Platform, and Social Media Management. Thus, any customer interactions from call center and social media will be captured by omni channel platform and analysed by CRM analytics to be set for another customer engagement, such as targeted customer promotion by social media or outbond call. Upselling, cross-selling and caring engagement can be done together in this platform. Moreover, SABRINA has uplifted the customer experience, because SABRINA could act like real human, talk like a real friend with customers. The more interaction with SABRINA, the more intelligent SABRINA to know customer well.

In term of infrastructure, Telkom has provided multisite contact center (2 main contact center + 10 branch contact center) to anticipate fully redundant system. Each main contact center has equipped with 2x10 Gbps redundant network, while every branch contact center has equipped by 2x1 Gbps redundant links.

Since launched in October 2017, this innovative solution has been successfully increasing BRI Contact Center Capacity from 1.25% to 1.63%. Using CRM analytics, BRI has succeeded to capture 304.000 potential customers. Furthermore, this Digital Contact Center has improved BRI call center performance by decreasing customer service waiting time from 20 sec to 10 sec, and decreasing the lost call from 15.51% to 14.17%.

Having success in implementing Digital Contact Center - Omni Channel Platform, SABRINA, has made BRI won in several Awards, including Top Brand Awards 2107 in Call Center category, and Top Digital Popular Brand Awards 2017 in Bank Call Center category.

In term of business financial, this new Digital Contact Center has resulted in an incremental revenue for Telkom Indonesia in Banking segment by additional revenue of IDR 31 billion.