Strategic Public Relations Group Limited - Krankin’ Thru China (KTC) - 2017

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Name of Organization / Company: Strategic Public Relations Group Limited, Hong Kong
Category : G01 - G07 - Award for Innovation in Events > G06. Award for Innovation in Non-Profit/NGO Events

Entry Title: Krankin’ Thru China (KTC) - 2017 KTC Yunnan-Beijing Dream Ride



Krankin’s thru China (KTC) is a non-profit movement founded by disabled athlete Domonic Corradin and long-time China resident Joshua Dominick aimed at introducing adaptive sports to China with the ultimate goal of helping disabled individuals live active and healthy lives. In 2017, Beijing SPRG worked closely with the KTC team to realise their “Dream Trip” of handcycling from Yunnan to Beijing — an epic 5,700-kilometre+ journey stretching over three months that would also lead to the breaking of the handcycling world record. Given KTC’s non-profit nature, SPRG elected to provide PR services pro bono (amounting to over 700 hours). SPRG Beijing supported the initiative by offering PR and logistical assistance, organising numerous media events, running social media platforms and finding partners to contribute to KTC’s cause.


- Raise awareness and support for those living with spinal cord injuries in China
- Inspect and promote construction of barrier-free facilities by relevant stakeholders
- Promulgate the concept of adaptive sports and encourage disabled people to lead healthier, less sedentary lifestyles


1. Budget – As a non-profit movement, funds for the riding activity were very limited – SPRG’s services were undertaken without charge. All of the events needed to be planned and organised under strict budgets
2. Unpredictable schedule – The journey could be affected by various factors such as climate, weather, emergencies and physical condition of team members. Given the unpredictable conditions, maximum efficiency, careful coordination and flexibility was required by the PR team
3. Long-distance communication – SPRG needed to communicate with the KTC team, local disabled communities and media outlets of different cities via long distance – calling for multi-party coordination


- Large kick-off event
- Using their own network, SPRG sought out and coordinated with Wanda Group to arrange a launch ceremony at The Dai Show Theatre in Yunnan which drew an audience of 1,000+ and dozens of media outlets
- Use of social media, key influencers and new media to exert influence
- SPRG helped manage and operate the WeChat account of KTC, including daily updates of trips, uploads of short movies and road-side photos, as well as a report on activities and media events
- KTC’s WeChat account posted 60 SPRG-created WeChat articles
- SPRG leveraged its network to engage key influencers, encouraging their support and free coverage
- Media and community relations events
- During the trip, SPRG remotely coordinated over 10 press conferences in cities along the cycling route and managed 10 sharing sessions with local disabled communities and medical experts, providing further outreach, support and assistance
- Over 60 media outlets from across China reported KTC’s journey, including powerful national media like China Daily and

Evaluation of success/results

- The KTC WeChat platform attracted 1,300+ new followers, sparked over 800+ conversations and won support from two key influencers
- 400+ KTC-related online news items generated, valued at over RMB4,000,000 ($640,000USD)
- Due to our outreach efforts, dozens of local organisations including charities, hospitals and private medical device companies have pledged their support for KTC and its 2018 and 2019 initiatives
- SPRG’s WeChat article on the plight of a poor villager living with spinal-cord injury drew the attention of other non-profit organisations — the groups joined together to provide immediate financial, medical, and domestic support.
- The journey was an overwhelming success, raising awareness of spinal cord sufferers in the region, and drawing attention to KTC's continuing efforts to increase understanding, improve accessibility and take action on behalf of disabled communities in China

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