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Name of Organization / Company: PT Petrokimia Gresik
Category: A01 - A09 - Award for Innovation in Management > A05B. Award for Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries - More than 100 Employees

Entry Title: PT Petrokimia Gresik's Chief Executive of Innovation Program & Cost Reduction Program: Mr. I Ketut Rusnaya


PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) is a Government owned company located in East Java, Indonesia. As the biggest and most innovative fertilizer and chemicals manufacturer in South East Asia, PG continuously becomes an integral part of Indonesian Government national food security program. The company is able to be sustainable for almost a half century thanks to its ambitious innovation program. Behind PG’s successful innovation program is its Production Director. Mr. I Ketut Rusnaya who is also the Chief Executive of Innovation Program and Cost Reduction Program believes that investing in purposeful innovation is instrumental to PG’s success. Therefore, employees are given the opportunity to form Innovation Task Forces (ITFs) and showcase their innovations in the Annual PG Innovation Convention.

The total number of ITF participation in 2017 was 1,011 ITFs and resulted in 278.88 billion rupiah (equivalent to 20.66 million US dollar) of cost efficiency. The Convention attracted 1,928 ideas from employees. Last year the Convention won the Gold Trophy for Innovation in Internal (Corporate) Events from 2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards (APSA) in Japan.

Furthermore, PG also won the Gold Stevie for Company of the Year (Chemicals) and the People's Choice Award Winner for Favourite Company (Others) in the 2017 International Business Awards (IBA) in Spain.

Winning innovations in the Convention then given the honour to represent PG in national and international competitions.

In 2016 and 2017, those innovations had won multiple awards as follows:

1. Organizational Management
Upon receiving the predicate of “Emerging Industry Leader” from the Indonesian Quality Award, PG continues its development and innovation in Good Corporate Governance (GCG) practices. Our unique culture and approach are best seen in the way we effectively combine our business strategy with innovation, productivity, discipline, professional judgments, and excellent synergy in our business process. Awards received including Best Corporate Culture from Government-Owned Company Award 2016, ASEAN Best Practices Award for Energy Management from ASEAN Energy Awards 2016, Best Risk Advocate from ASEAN Risk Awards 2016, and several Productivity Awards from IETEX 2016.

2. Board Leadership
For the successful promotion of innovative practices in the company, PG was awarded with Gold Trophies for “Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries” category and for “Executive of the Year” category in 2017 APSA.

3. Brand Leadership
PG still holds 100% market share of ZA and SP-36 fertilizer product in Indonesia. Moreover, in 2017 we launched new product innovations such as Petro Hibrid, Petro Gladiator, Petro CAS, Phonska Plus, and Petroganik Premium. We also launched Petromart (franchise) and PetroXfert apps.

4. Financial Management
PG has set up its breakthrough innovation of host-to-host payment confirmation system through Distributor Financing (DF). From the customer’s point of view, DF is beneficial by providing a more flexible method of payment and financing for subsidized products. The innovation had previously won the Best Corporate Deal in Indonesia Award from The Asian Banker and, in 2016, was elected as Top 3 Best eMark Award.

5. Growth Management
For our high commitment in business sustainability (not just profit), we were awarded the Green Industry Award 2017 from the Ministry of Industry and the Social Business Innovation Award 2016 from the Ministry of Environment.

6. Employee & Leadership Development
We provide scholarship opportunity for employees to study abroad (Top 100 Universities). We also developed a Knowledge Management system that preserves vital knowledge and work experiences to increase competence in our workforce. For developing the system, we were crowned as the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise from Indonesian MAKE Study Award 2016.

7. Investor Relations
In maintaining and developing good Investor Relations, we received multiple awards in 2017 such as Best Communicator (CEO), Best Corporate Website from 2017 IBA, Gold Trophies for Innovation in Community Relations and Most Innovative Communications Team of the Year from 2017 APSA, and Corporate Secretary –Communication Awards 2017.

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