PT Bank Ganesha Tbk - Innovation in Corporate Websites

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Name of Organization / Company: PT Bank Ganesha Tbk., Jakarta, Indonesia
Category: Q05 - Q14 - Award for Innovation in Websites and Blogs > Q06. Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites

Entry Title: Leverage Website and Social Media to Improve Branding and Generate Sales


Bank Ganesha ("Ganesha") is a small private bank in Indonesia within BUKU2 (core capital IDR 1-5 trillion) category.

Established in 1990, Ganesha was practically asleep for the first 23 years since inception. The previous management was dedicated but lacked the skills, strategy and capital. Consequently, Ganesha offered only basic products to tiny customer base and lacked public awareness.

Progress happens when the new management started to bring drastic changes. Within two years, despite challenging macroeconomic backdrop, Ganesha went through a period of rapid turnaround and growth; consequently delivering record financial performance by formulating new strategy, aligning initiatives and focusing efforts on key areas with greatest impact and long-term value creation.

During transformation period, a key strategy is to improve branding. Furthermore, with limited branch footprint and miniscule promotions budget, Ganesha faced enormous challenges to reach target market effectively and efficiently.

Thus, Ganesha set two-prong strategy:
• Improve branding – Website underwent two major revamps in both 2016 and 2017.
• Initiate online sales - launched Digital Marketing on popular Social Media platforms.

Indonesia witnessed tremendous growth in internet and social media usage, boosted by smartphone penetration and country's demographic bonus. Facebook is particularly active, with ~35% population as members (~88 million).

The new website and digital marketing leverage this trend as branding and acquisition tool.

New website objectives:
- Inform public on latest promotions and developments.
- Visually appeal key target segments, especially Millennials.
- Serve as key customer acquisition tool.

To achieve these objectives, website is focused on five key CRAVE elements: Creativity, Responsiveness, Attractive,Valuable and Excellence.

•One View: Dashboard-style layout so visitors can see key information through quick glance or scroll-down.
•Head Office and branch locations by embedding Google Map.
•Floating shortcut buttons for key elements: Home, Internet Banking, Location, Contact us and Social Media Sharing.

•User-friendly: Available in both Computer and mobile-friendly versions.
•Clean, fresh and concise look concept
•Simple: Intentionally utilize more icons and pictures rather than words.
•Maintain font, visual and color combination for consistency with Ganesha's other delivery channels.
•Divided contents into three simple categories: 'Individual-banking-solutions', 'Commercial-banking-solution' and 'About-Ganesha'.

•Live web-based chat with customer service representatives.
•Through mobile, customers can tap 'Contact-Us' and choose 'Call-Ganesha' to directly contact Call Center.
•Automated Email Response after customer fill-in 'Contact Us' query form.
•Loan installment calculator.

Valuable Information
•Latest product/service campaigns through revolving banners
•Latest currency exchange, term deposit and loan rates.
•Campaign-specific Landing Page.
•Built-in Google Analytics to analyze traffic.

•Available in both English and Indonesian languages.
•Access to Mobile/Internet Banking.
•Regulatory-compliant with Financial Service Authority's terms.
•'Terms-and-Conditions' disclaimers

Despite budget and time constraints, website was completed in time:
•Project duration in ~2 months.
•In-house content and visual production.
•Minimum Budget: Vendor development cost of USD 2,000.

Following website revamp, Ganesha launched Digital Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and GoogleAds. This also coincides with newly introduced 'Ganesha-MAPClub' savings product, launched in partnership with Mitra Adi Perkasa, Indonesia's biggest retailer (150 brands incl. Zara, Marks&Spencer, Sogo, Starbucks with 2,000 outlets). With it, Ganesha borne MAPClub Points as acquisition incentive and monthly interests to depositors. First of its kind, the product drives low-cost funds and serves as entry point for cross selling. For MAP, this encourages Ganesha’ depositors to buy more MAP products and ultimately increases revenue.

Ganesha's website and Digital Marketing work together in generating leads and closing sales.

Consequent “Save-and-Shop with Ganesha” online campaign focuses on four approaches:
•Engagement - A series of shopping and lifestyle-themed contents on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
•Traffic - Campaign leverages advertising factors (location, age, shopping preferences, lifestyle) for maximum efficiency.
•Conversion - Campaign-specific landing webpages where interested viewers fill-in contact info.
•Acquisition - Campaigns generate thousands of prospective leads. Marketing team then followed up and closed sales with 8% sales-conversion ratio.