Patrakom - Member of Indonesia - Vessel Information System Mobile App

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Name of Organization / Company: Patrakom - Member of Indonesia
Category: F55 - F62 - Award for Innovation in Apps > F55. Award for Innovation in Business Information Apps

Entry Title: Vessel Information System Mobile App


The fact that Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world and the government's alignments make the national maritime industry to grow continuously, Indonesian shipping industry will significantly grow if supported by the information systems and telecommunication technology. Vessel tracking system is one of the information system technology that could be applied. One of the service used in vessel tracking system is called AIS (Automatic Identification System).

AIS is an automatic tracking system, used on the vessels to monitoring such as unique identification, position, course, and speed. According to International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all vessels of 300 GT and above engaged on the international voyages and all passenger ships irrespective of size to carry AIS device. The AIS consists of two types, Terrestrial AIS and Satellites AIS, the differences between the two types of AIS is on the media transmission, the AIS data range, and the frequency of data updating.

Vessel owner must pay high price for using AIS services, for example if the vessel owner need the information data of their vessels updated every 30 minutes until 4 hours, they must pay for IDR4.000K per month. Another problem while they need fuel consumption data or the condition of the vessel engines, they can’t use AIS services, because AIS don’t have capability to do that. Thus, carry the potential opportunity of vessel information data requirements that could be real time updated or based on customer necessities with a lower price. The data that can be adjustable according the customer needs such as the real time data update for the vessel location, tracking history, fuel consumption, engine performance, etc.

Referring to these needs, Patrakom (Subsidiary company of Telkom Indonesia) simply could accommodate it if the customer already deploys Patrakom’s telecommunications infrastructure before.

Innovation Ideation

Patrakom Vessel Information System (VIS) is a mobile application for Android & IOS designed to display vessel information data for Patrakom’s maritime segment customers and at the same time as a value-added service to them.

VIS is intended to support services offered to vessel owners, including vessel position, vessel tracking, engine parameters, fuel consumption and engine performance monitoring.

The main features provided by VIS are real-time tracking, mileage, speed, anchor time, the trips length, following the vessel, historical track, engine performance and fuel consumption. Beside through mobile application, VIS can also be accessed through web-based application.

This mobile application innovation not use AIS services to generate the vessels data, but use telecommunication equipment that already installed in customer vessels, thus reduce the cost of using AIS services.

Currently, more than 73 customer vessels using Patrakom’s telecommunication infrastructure and the vessel's information can be monitored through the Patrakom Vessel Information System (VIS).

Business Results

This application was launched and inaugurated by Patrakom in an event titled Digitalization on Maritime Sector, Launching of Patrakom's Mobile App "Vessel Information System" at Hotel Four Season Jakarta (13/12/2017).

In addition, on the launch event of this mobile app application, have been held several cooperation signing of maritime communication service development between Telkom which fully supported by Patrakom with PT Pertamina Shipping, PT Pelni, PT Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (DKB), Navy and Bureau Indonesian Classification (BKI) and PT Petro One Indonesia and also a seminar on the digitalization of the maritime industry. VIS mobile application already activated on 97 android devices while in the Appstore has been downloaded for 152 times on 14 February 2018.

In addition, with the integrated systems of GPS module and engine sensors will support VIS mobile application to be used not only in maritime industry but also in other business industry such as expedition, travel management and other business industry.