Nuance Communications - ANZ Asia-Pacific

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Name of Organization / Company: Nuance Communications, Sydney, NSW Australia
Category: J01 - J02 Award for Innovation in Customer Service > J01. Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service > Other Service Industries

Entry Title: ANZ Asia-Pacific


The Nuance Digital Engagement Platform allows brands to engage with consumers directly on social channels using the same platform that is powering their traditional customer care programs. The new capability uses Artificial Intelligence to listen to consumer conversations on social networks and intelligently interact with them in context through messages, posts, and comments. Nuance has been able to combine the best of automated virtual assistants and human-assisted customer engagement into one unified platform, allowing Australian companies to target consumers with the right message at the right time while delivering a customer-centric experience across all channels. 

Made up of virtual assistants and live assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Nuance Digital Engagement Platform is assisting companies to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve customer engagement through the following:

Live chat: Nuance’s live chat integrates the benefits of human-assisted interactions with an efficient platform for targeted and personalized customer engagement. Features like intelligent queuing to reduce wait times, skills-based routing to provide customers with the best agent to solve their issue and contextual transfer of all important information to the live chat agent, enable brands to increase the effectiveness of the customer experience.

Nuance Nina: Nuance’s virtual assistant enables an intelligent, human-like dialogue between consumers and brands. Nina can ask clarifying questions, understand consumer intent, personalise responses, support common social inquiries and seamlessly transition to chat agents while maintaining conversational context. All to help businesses deliver a superior self-service experience.

The Nuance platform enables businesses to create a superior automated or human-assisted experience once and deploy it on any channel—desktop and mobile browsers, inside an app, via text messaging, social media, in third-party messaging apps or for smart speakers. Smart decisions made by underlying artificial intelligence technology allow customers to connect with businesses on their channel of choice, making sure that they will receive the same quality of service across all digital channels.

A growing number of leading organisations across Australia have reaped the benefits of Nuance’s Digital Engagement Platform to elevate customer service through intelligent self-service capabilities, including:, IP Australia, Australian Taxation Office and Jetstar Airways.

The following capabilities were integrated between June 2017 -November 2017 into the Digital Engagement Platform:

Nina Coach: When the virtual assistant cannot address a specific question, Nina asks a human for help. The “coach” can then either select the right answer from the intent list or the conversation is seamlessly escalated to a live agent within the same engagement window to answer the question. Feedback from these interactions are fed back into the system to improve the customer experience and helping the VA become smarter over time.

Nina for Smart Speakers: Nuance customers, including banks, airlines, telco service providers and retailers can now engage with their consumers through all devices that support Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Customer Service Messaging: Nuance is now enabling asynchronous conversations within messaging channels, like SMS and Facebook Messenger for both, automated and human assisted interactions. Consumers can friend their bank for example, start a service conversation, put their phone in their pocket, and return to the conversation later, without losing the context.

IVR-to-Digital: IVR self-service or agent-handled calls can be moved seamlessly to digital channels when appropriate via live chat or virtual assistants.

There are over 6,500 enterprises using Nuance’s self-service technologies, processing an estimated 14 billion transactions each year. Nuance has over 700 professional services team members who integrate the Company’s customer service solutions deeply within the back-office systems of many of the leading telecommunications and financial institutions around the world, as well as leading healthcare, travel, and government organisations.