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Name of Organization / Company: M800 Limited
Category: B01 - B09 - Award for Excellence in Corporate Innovation > B09B. Award for Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries - More than 100 Employees

Entry Title: M800 Limited

M800 is an OTT solutions provider and one of the global pioneers in CPaaS solution – developing communication solutions that cover the 3 most popular cloud computing models - PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS.

Since July 2016, we have branched out from traditional telecommunications solutions to create offerings that use established telecommunications as the foundation but adding an IT layer on top. The new direction was necessary for us to grow, even if it meant disrupting our current products.

This change has been positive for us and we have seen the result of it. Our company and products have been featured at several world-renowned tech events including MWC 2018, GITEX 2017 and Telecom Review Summit 2017. We have also been honored with several awards including the Gold Awards for Innovation of the Year - Business Products Industries and Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Platform as a Service at the 2017 Stevie International Business Awards. In addition, M800 products were also the winner of the 2017 IoT Evolution Product of the Year and Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

We have 3 new solutions to-date. To enable these innovative solutions, and guarantee the service quality and strict SLAs, we built and connected ourselves to over 50 POPs and 260 tier-1 carriers globally. The POPs contain Instant Messaging Servers (MIMS) to facilitate multi-user chat with SSL encryption, as well as User Management Servera (MUMS) for user access and authentication and social network integration.

Not many telecommunications companies would take the high risk to invest in such infrastructure globally. But it is also through this that M800 is able to differentiate itself and be recognized as a leading global CPaaS player. Together with our strong telecommunication background, M800 communication solutions are disrupting the communication software industry setting new and groundbreaking standards.

Our solutions and accomplishments:

SDK Communication Suite

M800 SDK Suite is suitable for app companies and IoT players to empower their products with communication functions. The SDKs include - voice & video, instant messaging, conference call, verification and contact management.

When utilized, it can produce crystal clear voice and video calls, real-time instant messaging and file sharing. To-date, M800 is already working with globally connected cars, smart security cameras, smart wearables and topnotch apps to empower them with communication capabilities.

Our latest product, the M800 UIKit is tightly coupled with the SDK Suite and lowers the entry barrier for developers to create well-made applications through ready-made UI components that they can plug-and-play with when developing online application projects.

White-label Communication App

The full-fledged and customizable White-label Communication App provides a rich set of service features that simplify the ways to communicate for enterprises. It is used both as an internal communication tool (much faster and efficient than 3rd-party emails) and CRM tool that offers quick, reliable and most of all secure form of communication between coworkers and customers.

Integrated customer success solution, liveConnect

liveConnect is a revolutionary live customer service support platform that provides ultimate flexibility for both customers and customer service representatives. When making an inquiry, customers can type it out or make a phone call. On the other side, depending on how the request is made, the agent will receive it on their web browser, mobile app or phone. If both parties are online, they can share multimedia files as well.

The platform supports and connects all existing communication channels together. This allows agents to handle inquiries with full mobility and be accessible in a number of routes. Companies that are currently using toll-free can also easily integrate their numbers into liveConnect and upgrade it into a seamless experience for customers. This will transform the industry as more end-users are allowed to reach their agents via off-net and on-net.