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Name of Organization / Company: LexisNexis Australia
Category: P01 - P15 - Award for Innovation in Product Design and Development > P01. Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Products & Services

Entry Title: High Court Analyser - LexisNexis Australia



As the full power of big data and analytics solutions are felt right across the professional world, the legal industry is beginning to realise the full potential of this new technology. The industry is now at a time in which the historical records of the legal system are digital, accessible, and scrapable by analytics tools in order to provide key insights in legal matters.

Launched in September 2017, High Court Analyser is the first of its kind in Australia and the first product launched under the Lexis® Legal Analytics umbrella. It is an innovative analytics product that crystallises data insights from thousands of pages of High Court judgments, allowing users to access key information and shape litigation strategy in a way that has never been possible before.

By combining comprehensive LexisNexis case datasets with natural language processing technology, High Court Analyser revolutionises traditional legal research – helping legal professionals reach the most relevant insights - moreeasily and faster than ever before.


The product holds key value as a tool to improve efficiency and business growth.

By providing users the ability to link diverse data points and uncover hidden insights, High Court Analyser enables deeper, more precise research in a shorter timeframe than ever before. Consider some examples:

- A barrister is seeking to plan out the strategy for her case but is unsure which line of argument she should take to have the most effect. Using High Court Analyser she searches and contrasts decisions made by that Judge in previous similar cases. This gives her an indication of which way the judgment might go and which argument might work best.
- Counsel uses High Court Analyser to discover opposing counsel’s track record in previous cases. They crossreference this against opposing counsel’s previous appearances before a particular judge, previous strategies, win/loss rates and other professional relationships which may influence the outcome of the case. This provides them with valuable insight to better prepare a robust litigation strategy.

By making research more efficient, the product streamlines workloads and saves hours of time for legal professionals in an industry that has become synonymous with overworking. This allows firms and legal businesses to increase efficiency and minimise cost, resulting in higher growth.


In order to enable that growth, the product must be intuitive, up-to-date, and easy to use. High Court Analyser was designed with usability in mind. The clean, easy-to-operate interface offers numerous visualisation options and dynamic filters in order to provide each user with a personalised experience.

LexisNexis content is updated daily and ingested into the High Court Analyser system on the same timeline – making the data extensive, timely and accurate. Users can customise and personalise reports based on four key areas: People & Parties, Outcomes, Words & Phrases and Most Cited.

It has been designed to seamlessly dissect complex historical data and present it in a way that is easy to discover, visually engaging, and has the user experience front and centre at all times.


The product is still new to market. However in its fifth month since launch, High Court Analyser has already begun to shake up the Australian legal sphere. It has established itself as a premier analytics product and one that is at the forefront of a great push towards data-driven and analytics-based decision making within the legal industry.

As the first product launched under the Lexis® Legal Analytics, High Court Analyser is at the vanguard of a growing suite of products targeted at bringing the full power of machine learning and analytics technologies to the legal profession.