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Name of Organization / Company: The Interactions Lab PTY LTD, Sydney, NSW Australia
Category: C01 - C12 Award for Innovation in Communications / PR > C12. Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year

Entry Title: Danielle Di-Masi, Digital Communicator, Had private meeting with Dalai Lama to discuss her work in innovation and communications technology


Danielle Di-Masi is an expert on how each of us manage our own communications/PR - to do this, she has to be a master in innovative communications herself.

She has been building her influence through the media and speaking which lead her to be asked to come have a private meeting in June 2015 with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to speak together on how we can continue to grow and communicate as human in the world of technology where a lot of the time we are alone.

The result of this meeting was a deep conversation on how to keep being a compassionate society when sometimes we spend all our time alone. How to stay connected in an increasingly disconnected world; recorded on The Huffington Post (where Danielle is a regular blogger).

If you would like to read, I would be honoured:

Her work in innovation and communications technology

As an in-demand keynote speaker, she is listed among Australia’s Top 20 Business Speakers she is also a University lecturer, media commentator, award-winning blogger, and international featured expert in digital and print media. Such as: Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, GQ, Australian Financial Review, ELLE, The Age, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, SmartCompany, Business Insider.

Her innovative achievements as a communications professional are:

- Global spokesperson for Twitter in training videos to assistant individuals and businesses to use the platform to it's highest potential.
- Winner of this same award in 2016 and would love to have the honour again, also "Innovator of the Year" and "Female Entrepreneur of the Year" awards in the 2015 Stevie Women in Business for her work in technology and how we engage with innovative communications.
- Winning the Stevies Award for Asia Pacific "Woman of the Year" award and using it to inspire younger females to engage in a heavily male dominated innovations and technology industry.
- She is the resident expert for national TV Network Ten and regularly on all networks discussing behaviours and how we can ensure that digital behaviours overrun a connected society. Humans love and need to connect, Danielle is trying to help to keep it that way and not have a society of silos; especially in the next generation.
- Lecturer at Universities across the country to keep communications education relevant for a strong Australian workforce that is competitive internationally.
- Facilitating an innovation session with the Prime Minister and Cabinet and departments, including the Department of Education on how innovation and teaching can be further aligned.
- Using her entertaining stories and energy to get her message across to everyone from CEO's to World Leaders and students. We are all in this together but the challenge has been that we generally don't like change, so it's finding the best ways to speak alongside our communities, working with them so the message of all this can be heard where it needs to be.
- Winner of the Global Blogger Award, the award also included a prize trip to Africa, which instead of just looking at Lions Danielle used this trip to get publicity for the need of an educated next generation in Kenya by having 1200 kids in Sydney walk with a book on their head and donating all those books to fill a library in an active orphanage in Kenya that is run by two Australians. This activity lead to Danielle receiving a Guinness World Record.
- Giving a TEDx talk on the evolution of our digital communications to share in the idea on how we build real human relationships now, her video has been viewed over 35,000 times.
- Google Glass invited Danielle to be one of the first users of the technology "explorers" in Australia.