HGC Global Communications Limited - Innovation in Sponsorships

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Name of Organization / Company: HGC Global Communications Limited
Category: E01 - E12 - Award for Innovation in Marketing > E08. Award for Innovation in Sponsorships

Entry Title: Presenting Sponsor – Volvo Ocean Race Hong Kong stopover


1. Background
a. HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a full-fledged fixed line operator and it revealed its new brand identity in October 2017 along with changing new ownership. Through the rebranding campaign. HGC expect to engage all level and potential customers.
b. During the entire Hong Kong stopover, HGC did more than typical title sponsor, but also hosting their own activities to gather more public engagement, like hosting game booth, and using the main stage for performances and ceremonies.

2. Concept
a. Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) has been a well-known global event for yacht race since 1973. For the race in 2017-2018, featuring a stopover in Hong Kong for the first time ever.
b. HGC being the “presenting sponsor” , for as a the highest level sponsor for the stopover in Hong Kong , enable to have more brand exposure to wide range of customer as well as engagement .
c. HGC shares the same vision and determination with the successful world class yachting athletes to reach full potential and continue to scale new heights

3. Sponsorship Amount
a. Sponsorship items include:
i. Naming rights
ii. Promotional Materials
iii. Venue Wi-Fi Sponsor

4. Activities for Sponsorship

a. School Tours and Opera show
i.To better engage younger and older age groups, special activities were arranged to cater their needs.
ii.Positive brand identity was well received through promotion materials and the help of HGC’s staff volunteer team.

b. HGC Grand Concert
i. Engage public with diversified age group with brand identity

c. HGC Music show
i. Promote “everyone has an opportunity”
ii. Engage younger groups to embrace with positive attitude.

d. VIP boat tour
i. A tour for guests to watch the in-port race closely

e. HGC Game Booth
i.A pavilion to showcase HGC’s network

f. Venue Wi-Fi provider
i.An experience for spectators to have hands-on experience , thus offering product familiarization.

5. Mass exposure

a. The rebranding campaign consists of both online and offline elements, which targeted from school students to elderly.
i.The event was covered by various local media outlets, including printed and digital media.
ii.Involvement of celebrities for rebranding event online promotion – Song name guessing Ticket giveaway
iii.VOR Hong Kong stopover was supported by Hong Kong government where promotional materials could be seen on government websites and public banners.
iv.Outdoor advertisement was also launched in the same period of the event; customers would be able to easily spot an advertisement of the event (campaign) around the city, particularly on public transit system.

6. Effectiveness of Sponsorship

a. Quantitative data
i. Number of spectators
-103,058 visitors throughout the event
-Outdoor advertisements obtained 4.62 million impressions.

b. Long-term goals
i. To develop a brand identity that could draw engagement from customers across levels, meanwhile putting more focus in corporate social responsibility program to better serve local community.
ii. Being more than a telecom broadband service provider but to engage with community.