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Name of Organization / Company: Grab Philippines / MyTaxi.PH
Category: F55 - F62 - Award for Innovation in Apps > F60. Award for Innovation in General Utility Apps

Entry Title: GrabTrike: Giving Filipino Transportation a Digital Upgrade


GrabTrike: Giving Filipino Transportation a Digital Upgrade

Unreliable transportation has been an open bane for third-world countries, especially in Asia. For Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, solving this requires a deeper understanding of each market.

With presence in over 8 countries and 178 cities in the region, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand transportation and mobile payments platform, Grab, understands the needs of each market it is present in and employs a hyperlocal strategy tailored for each riding public’s everyday commute. Far from a “one-size-fits-all” approach, what Grab did for the City of Angeles in Pampanga, Philippines, is nothing short of remarkable.

By modernizing local tricycles, a reliable first-mile-last-mile solution transportation, and transitioning it to GrabTrike, the social startup provided the public with a hyperlocal transportation solution that’s safe, reliable, and convenient, while protecting from issues like fare overpricing and colorum tricycles, or vehicles operating without a franchise1. Currently serving 5 zones in Angeles City, GrabTrike’s success is planned to be replicated in other cities and towns throughout the country.

Innovating Local Transport

A popular form of transportation in smaller cities and towns, especially out in the countryside in the Philippines, tricycles resemble auto rickshaws of India and tuk-tuks of Thailand. Used for ferrying Filipinos in short-distance travel, tricycles accommodate 3 passengers at maximum, with the average rate available for riding with others, and a higher “special” fare for private commuting.

With a new smart-hailing/smart metering platform, GrabTrike was to not only solve safety and price certainty issues, it was to provide tricycle drivers a sustainable source of livelihood.

Improving Lives with Safety & Ease

Launched together with the City Government of Angeles in May 2017, GrabTrike has, to date, significantly improved the local drivers’ economy and the riding public’s everyday commute. With 4,543 active users and a total of 29, 325 rides since April 26, 2017, GrabTrike proved to be an effective platform the community wholeheartedly embraced.

It placed Angeles City on the map as the first city to adopt a ride-hailing technology for 3-wheels, a model for other cities to emulate. After subsidizing mobile phones for drivers, Grab improved the city’s waiting sheds with branded signage and installed TVs in selected tricycle terminals. With a feedback system that encourages drivers to improve their service, it professionalized the old trike industry business model.

Nurturing Local Progress

A well-balanced and optimized fare matrix system generated without human tampering and intervention offered GrabTrike drivers increased financial security. With double the bookings on a single trip, they get higher earnings. It’salso more cost-efficient as they can complete more trips per hour with minimal additional distance travelled.

After joining the program, 300 GrabTrike drivers revealed an increase of PHP 2000 to PHP 2500 in their monthly income (1) And as the platform stabilized after the trial period, each driver were predicted to earn as much as PHP 3,744** Gross daily income. Drivers were also welcomed into Grab’s community where they get life insurance that grants then an amount the moment an accident happens.

GrabTrike offered commuters safety in the form of a real-time tracker that lets them share their ride to loved ones anytime, anywhere, and convenience in the form of freedom from the hassle of having to wait around for a ride. It’s an innovation that has, in a way, given the streets back to the people while working progress for its environs.
[1] Reynaldo G. Navales. “Angeles City drivers asked to join Grab Trike.” SunStar Pampanga, SunStar Publishing, Inc., 9 June 2017, .

Brian Cu - Country Head, Grab Philippines
Ciny Toh - Country Marketing Head
Carlo Cu Unjeng - Expansion Lead
Jay Padriga - Pampanga City Manager
Angela Gela Tendencia - 4W marketing lead
Amhir Bernardo