Globe Telecom - Project PRISM

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Name of Organization / Company: Globe Telecom, Metro Manila, Philippines
Category: P01 - P15 - Award for Innovation in Product Design and Development > P10. Award for Innovation in Living, Learning, and Working Environments

Entry Title: Project PRISM: Empowering Educators for the Future of Learning


Project PRISM: Teacher Empowerment through Digital Literacy

As the world goes digital, education has gone beyond the classroom. Teachers now face the challenge of integrating technology into their lessons and making it an effective tool for learning anytime, anywhere for Gen Z students. The changing landscape has prompted Globe Telecom, a strong advocate of education and digital learning, to develop PRISM, a teacher training program designed to help Filipino educators become proficient in technology-enabled instruction and content development.

“Globe seeks to empower every Filipino with world-class learning through technology. We close the gap by providing teachers the digital knowledge and skills that they need to help students succeed in the 21st century, starting with PRISM,” said Michelle Tapia, Head of Strategy, Innovation, and Transformation for Globe myBusiness.

A prism breaks into the colors of the rainbow when hit by a single source of light. Similarly, Globe PRISM program is a single intervention that, when refracted, produces a multitude of real-world applications. By equipping educators with a one comprehensive program that combines 1) design thinking, 2) a discipline of innovation, and 3) a portfolio of techenabled tools and applications, teachers are able to apply learnings in a wide variety of subjects. Through PRISM, a teacher can make a Humanities class more interactive as they develop a learning game using Google Slides. Meanwhile a Math teacher can design infographics that make trigonometry easy to understand.

To date, PRISM has reached 950 Filipino teachers from 128 schools across the Philippines, with one cohort of teachers in Mindanao to go to complete the first 1,000 PRISM-trained educators. Given that one teacher, on average, teaches 50 students a class, teaching five classes, it is estimated that PRISM has reached 237,500 students nationwide. Deployed in six runs in Manila, Naga City , Cebu City, Bulacan, and Pampanga, it aims to further expand the network of the program.

Globe partnered with school associations such as COCOPEA (Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations), PEAC (Private Education Assistance Committee) and PBEd (Philippine Business for Education).

PRISM’s unique teacher-training program is anchored on its 3E agenda: Equip. Experience. Empower.

EQUIP: The PRISM course equips teachers with knowledge, insights, and tech-enabled tools they need to be able to be prepared for the future of learning. We also ensure that the delivery reflects the changing of the times:

PRISM is a blended learning program, optimizing the benefits of in-classroom training and tech-enabled tools of communication and collaboration using social media and online learning platforms such as Edmodo and D2L’s Brightspace. What makes PRISM unique is that teachers undergo pre- and post-assessments that are aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards, enabling them to train at global benchmarks.

EXPERIENCE: Arranged into smaller “mission” teams, teachers maximize collaboration and teamwork in a group of 15- 20 teachers. These missions are supervised by a coach who can be reached at the tip of their fingertips essentially 24/7. The PRISM curriculum emphasizes experiential learning wherein they are taught and supervised to design and implement their own capstone projects.

EMPOWER: At the end of the program, the PRISM Expo serves as the platform for them to showcase their capstone projects, share insights with the larger cohort, identify ways to collaborate with each other, and receive constructive feedback on how to iterate their projects for application in their classrooms.

As the purveyor of the digital lifestyle in the country, Globe continues its commitment to support Filipino learners and help them succeed. Guided by our company mission-vision, through PRISM, we help create “a Philippines where families’ dreams come true, businesses flourish, and the nation is admired.”