DHL Express Vietnam - Technology for consistent high quality and customer centricity

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Name of Organization / Company: DHL Express Vietnam
Category: J01 - J02 Award for Innovation in Customer Service > J01. Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service > All Other Industries

Entry Title: Technology for consistent high quality and customer centricity


The Customer Service of DHL Express Vietnam receives 780,000 calls per year, handled by 23 advisors.

To meet service levels, we do call forecast and staff scheduling for every 15-minute interval, all manually by Excel spreadsheet with high administration time (around 20 hours/ month for resource planners).

So in a very competitive and speedy environment of Express industry, how to deliver consistent high quality and increase customer experience together with reduce administration and enhance efficiency?

The answer is a technology solution, which is our deployment of GCCU (Global Contact Center Upgrade) in 2017.

In the year, we made high service level:
- Grade of Service 94.2% vs. target 90%
- Abandoned Call Rate 0.8% vs target 1%
- Call forecast variance -1.1% vs. target +/-10%

This outstanding performance is strongly supported by the Workforce Management application (WFM) in GCCU. For a contact center, accurate forecasting and flexible planning will guarantee optimal staffing to meet service level. That means we insist every call is quickly picked up by least number of advisors with no long queuing; calls are distributed basing on advisor skills, while ensuring all advisors receive the fair call amount, maximize amount of coaching/ training advisors can get. All are done by the implementation of WFM. The WFM produces call forecast using historical data, creates online scheduling in which supervisors and advisors can directly make changes (leave registration, change shift, overtime input…). This online interaction ensures time and cost efficiency beyond our previous way by Excel file and email communication.

For advisors, technology support gives them ease of day-to-day work. In GCCU, advisors use softphone (telephonycomputer coupling) with customer contact information being automatically launched basing on the customer’s number calling in. This enhances customers’ satisfaction when they are recognized with adequate information every time calling to us. The innovation is highly appreciated by our advisors, with 100% of team voicing satisfaction in 2017 EOS (Employee Opinion Survey):

- Active Leadership: 99%
- Employee Engagement: 96%
- Continuous Improvement: 100%

Not only service levels, but quality and customer centricity in every call are critical as well. GCCU makes recording for 100% of calls, allows live monitoring of call handling combining with other online reports (average handling time, individual call volume, adherence to schedule…), so that supervisors can evaluate call quality in the consideration with staff productivity and efficiency. Quality assessment is done within the application by global standard evaluation form; by this way, we ensure consistent high quality across all DHL customer service units. Since a random 10% of calls are screen recorded, and the system allows annotating advisor’s behavior at any point of the call, supervisors can have a live evaluation which supports deep analysis and finding of quality improvement area. The quality focus is solidly demonstrated in 2017:

- Call quality score: 95.4% vs. target 90%
- Average Handling Time: 150 seconds
- Productivity: 128 calls per advisor per day

Being recognized for the outstanding service, Vietnam Customer Service won 7 awards from external organizations in 2017, and is the unique country in Asia medium countries to receive DHL Global Excellence award.

Focusing in the future in which improving quality and customer centricity are direct enablers of the growth, GCCU is implemented in other departments of DHL Express Vietnam. This is the platform so that DHL Express Vietnam can do a significant breakthrough towards customer centricity in 2018: knowledge transferring and application of customer service standards across all frontline departments. And our Customer Service is the leader to run this project throughout the company. By this, we target to develop other functions to the same high service level and increase customer retention.

With the development strategy in 2018, our Customer Service aim to be the permanent dominant in Express industry of Vietnam market.