CLP Holdings Limited - “A Century of Power” Launch

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Name of Organization / Company: CLP Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, China
Category : G01 - G07 - Award for Innovation in Events > Award for Innovation in Public Enterprise Events

Entry Title: CLP “A Century of Power” Launch


CLP is an investor and operator in the energy sector in Asia Pacific. Our businesses span across Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Southeast Asia & Taiwan, and Australia. A Century of Power is an ambitious film project drawing on a wealth of fascinating old photographs, film footage, and oral histories. It chronicles CLP’s vital role in the economic and social development of Hong Kong for over a century, and the other Asia Pacific markets in which it operates. It pays tribute to the toil and perseverance and can-do spirit of the generations who transformed Hong Kong from a small fishing port into a thriving metropolis along with the contribution of CLP’s Kadoorie Family in helping them realise their dreams.


Our core challenge was how to capture the public imagination with the idea of a history project spanning over a century of development. It was important to ensure people did not mistakenly perceive it simply as a story about the history of CLP with no immediate relevance to their own lives. Ideas & Strategy Film is an effective and compelling tool to create an engaging and immersive experience that can be shared by a wide audience. With this medium, we had an opportunity to send out a powerful message and at the same time reinforce CLP’s image as a trusted brand for Hong Kong and for investors across the region. An overall launch communication strategy was rolled out in phases from October 2017 to 2018, with a 360-degree approach, using a variety of tailored initiatives targeting the company’s broad spectrum of stakeholders.


• Premiere The documentary was launched with a highly successful series of cinema premieres on 9 October 2017, in the neighbourhood where CLP started out its business. We lovingly recreated the atmosphere of Hong Kong movie houses from the 1960s and 1970s, helping audience members young and old to connect with Hong Kong’s past. We also created a range of traditional goodie packs and souvenirs from different eras to hand out to guests.

• ATL & BTL We produced a trailer and a shorter version of the film which were broadcast on regional and local TV stations and online through YouTube Masthead and other mediums, including Outbrain and LinkedIn.

• Digital Communication A campaign page enabling smooth video streaming for wide audiences.

• Targeted Approach for Varying Stakeholders Special film screening sessions were organised:
-Press & Columnists, before and after the premiere
-Students, Shareholders and VVIPs on the premiere day
-Young Generation We produced a collection of engaging short videos, “CLP Secret Busters”, with interactive games, to capture the interest of younger views about the history of Hong Kong. A Facebook campaign using the videos was held from 18 October 2017 to 24 November 2017 which saw the videos widely shared. From 25 November till 2 January 2018, booths were set up at two prominent locations on two sides of the Victoria Harbour (Chater Garden in Central and D2 Place TWO in Kowloon), allowing public viewing
-General Public (Shareholders, Schools and Libraries/ Museums) Specially designed DVDs were sent out to over 20,000 registered shareholders, and secondary schools, museums, and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong as teaching aid
-Key Stakeholders - Internal & External One for CLP employees and their family members, and another for representatives of the District Councils in Hong Kong

Impact/ Results

-Cinema Screenings: Around 1,000 guests from all walks of life including government officials, students, business partners, representatives of the community, shareholders, media, CLP employees and their families
-YouTube: 152,000+ views
-Campaign Page: 68,000+ views
-Facebook Campaign: 302,000+ views
-LinkedIn Gained: 1,305 social engagements on CLP LinkedIn page, with positive comments

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