BoardPAC Pte Ltd.

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Name of Organization / Company: BoardPAC Pte Ltd, Singapore
Category: N01 - N02 - Award for Innovation in Technology > N01. Award for the Innovation in Technology Development> Computer Industries

Entry Title: BoardPAC - an innovative and user-friendly board meeting process automation solution


BoardPAC is a multinational board meeting automation solutions provider focused on providing a simple, secure, easy-to-use and sustainable board communication application. Branded as ‘BoardPAC’, this innovative software application enables a streamlined and paperless board meeting process. Today, BoardPAC has over 20,000 users across the globe mainly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region.

First developed in 2011, BoardPAC has continually been adding-on and enhancing its features and abilities year-on-year.

The invaluable user inputs and suggestions received from our initial clients has ensured a revolutionized and enhanced product for consequent users. Due to our diligence and focus on simplicity and quality, BoardPAC has gained a reputation as the provider of a meeting software with an ‘exceptional user experience’.

The development of BoardPAC is based on the fundamental concept of innovation. The upgrades, features, add-ons and versions are all driven by the resourcefulness, imagination and creativity of our developers pursuing the ultimate goal of providing users a board meeting process automation solution that is useful, informative and still user-friendly.

Showcased below are some of the key innovations of the BoardPAC software since July 2016.

•Presenter Mode is a revolutionary feature which allows for real-time sharing of documents with written annotation by individuals in the meeting group by allowing for sharing the iPad screen.
•Let’s Vote! – This feature has transformed BoardPAC to become an online voting tool, allowing browser-based voting access for related third parties for the Board to obtain shareholder or council approvals as required. Emails are automatically generated and sent to relevant individuals.
•What’s New? – is the individualized overview in one standard location on the home page of the latest items needing attention. These vary from the addition of new board papers, to pending tasks such as approvals and review of latest comments and new shared documents. According to our users this unique add-on has transformed the user-friendly aspects of BoardPAC.
•Ability to make Audio Annotations is another unique feature that was included in BoardPAC to allow individuals to make voice comments in documents and share with other members.
•E-signature technology which allows individuals to save and store e-signature for document approvals. A unique feature is that signatures are added at the end of document as a system generated page, thus allowing convenience as space need not be provided within the document for signatures.
•Ability to integrate the Digital Signature process into documents, thus ensuring greater security and authenticity. Digital certifications are undertaken in partnership with certificate authorities in countries of usage.
•Multiple Approval Process - Sequential, parallel and hybrid approval methods which can be activated as required has morphed BoardPAC into a higher level of practicality in the eyes of users.
•Post-Board Process – dissemination of Board level decisions to relevant department heads/managers via a system generated email is a useful facility for follow-up on decisions made at Board Meetings.
•Touch ID Integration - secure login without need for passwords was a value addition as the technology became available.

BoardPAC is available to users of iOS and Windows 10 applications and is fully operable on the iPad and iPhone.

Android beta releases have already been launched and we are in the process of finalizing the full release versions for the market by May 2018. With enhanced security features and military grade (AES 256) encryption being the default, BoardPAC is a favorite of corporates to run effective, efficient and environmentally friendly business meetings.

As a leading product in the Asian market, BoardPAC is well-positioned to penetrate new markets globally, especially considering current global market penetration levels of just 20% among competitors of comparable products. Thus, we aim to increase market share by 100% in the medium term. A purpose aligned to what the Company behind BoardPAC set out accomplish, that of ‘achieving the seemingly impossible'.