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Name of Organization / Company: Binary Digital Advertising Inc.
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Entry Title: Coach2Grow by Globe Telecom


Coach2Grow by Globe Telecom

Developed in the late 80’s, the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way-forward) model of management is a goal setting method to foster a corporate coaching environment.

Building on this model, the Coach2Grow (C2G) app documents and organizes coaching sessions for employees in the Sales Academy & People Engagement (SA&PE) department of the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines—Globe Telecom.

Prior to 2017, all GROW sessions were documented manually using cloud spreadsheets, making it prone to duplicate entries and falsification of data. Administrators also found it tedious to review, having to create manual reports to summarize their employees’ performance, and in turn identify the incentives or promotions they have earned.

As such, there was an opportunity to gamify the day-to-day experience of the SA&PE department by creating a healthy competitive environment, and thus improving the team’s collective output.

To address these issues, Binary Digital created Coach2Grow, designed to not only help develop coachees, but to also help improve the coaches’ mentoring style.

To keep up with the fast paced work and personal lifestyle of the team, the app is made available on a wide range of platforms including iOS, Android, and Web. Coach2Grow is also accessible offline, accommodating users with intermittent data or broadband connections, especially employees in remote areas. In the app, users can sign in either as a coach or coachee, and can access the following features:

¥ For each coach-coachee tandem, they can set KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which will allow them to provide fleshed out details of their goals, current realities, options to move forward, and, finally the point of action.
¥ To ensure efficiency, the tandem will be receiving push notifications on urgent deliverables and goals.
¥ The coaches are able to easily track compliance and results of their coachees, as well as their performance as a mentor.
¥ For every GROW session accomplished, both the coach and coachee earn points, which take them up the overall leaderboard.
¥ Depending on the success rate of coaches and coachees, they are awarded badges to recognize the consistent accomplishment of GROW sessions. Additionally, the success rate serves as an Indicator if one is ready for a promotion or a salary increase.
¥ The app is a two-way program that allows coaches to receive feedback on their mentoring efficiency—a factor that a lot of organisations fail to take into account.
¥ Through the features of the app, inconsistent subjectivities are diminished as a basis of recognising one’s efforts by efficiently automating progress. In turn, the data may be extracted as a spreadsheet to collect necessary data.
¥ Lastly, the app also promotes the social and inter-personal relationships of the team by allowing virtual gift giving, earning badges, and customization of avatars based on the number of points they have accumulated.

The GROW model has become gamified and more adaptable to the dynamic needs of SA&PE department employees through the C2G app. Currently, there are more than 2,000 users (up from a mere 500), 16,000 GROW sessions, and 17,000 options.

Coach2Grow has allowed them to comprehensively monitor their performance in a single platform, and immediately revise their goals when they find it necessary. In addition, they can easily view more specific statistics such as their compliance and completion rates, while exporting such data into organized reports. Identifying employees amenable to incentives – including promotions and salary increases – has become an easier task as well, as having more points on the leaderboard earns employees such rewards. This has helped achieve 100% compliance on all employees in the department, up from only 60% back in 2006.

Having demonstrated concrete results, Globe Telecom has also planned to roll out the Coach2Grow app in other company departments.