AUDITOIRE CHINA - adidas Republic Of Sports Activation 2017

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Name of Organization / Company: AUDITOIRE CHINA, Shanghai, China
Category: G01 - G07 - Award for Innovation in Events > G02. Award for Innovation in Consumer Events

Entry Title: adidas Republic Of Sports Activation 2017


For years, adidas found the integration of its different sports units challenging due to every unit’s independent management and organization. Therefore, adidas aspired to carry out an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind sports activation where all sports units had to unite thematically, transitioning fluently from one space to the next while transmitting a ‘creators’ spirit’. Meanwhile, the event was meant to promote a passion for sports, to increase brand desirability, as well as to inspire a new generation of sports enthusiasts to pursue their dreams, nurturing them into the next generation of Chinese ‘creators’.

Based on the brand positioning, the event’s objectives and the fact that the targeted sports enthusiasts were urban people, we developed the idea of the city as a playground for creators and we came up with the Republic Of Sports (ROS). In this ‘utopic city’, each sports unit takes over a specific urban environment in which every element can become a support to the sports practice.

We developed the first edition of adidas ROS in June 2016 in Shanghai. After its great success, in 2017 the project enlarged and expanded to four cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou). The 2017 edition followed the same objectives as the previous year but the overall design and interactive content were completely re-thought. All the sports units were re-imagined offering new interactive displays, each one also being an opportunity to score, share and redeem points. We added the climbing unit, intensified the number of fitness classes, and created a series of satellite events.

The 2017 ROS kicked-off in Beijing, after 9 days it moved to Shanghai for 25 days, then to Chengdu and finally to Guangzhou, for 9 days each. Famous international and national celebrities including Paul Pogba, Damien Lillard, Karlie Kloss, and Chang Ning, participated in the different opening ceremonies and some activities as representatives of all the ‘creators’.

As the lead event agency, AUDITOIRE was in charge of the entire management of the creative planning, activity programming, logistics, venue, technical support, production, operations, and opening shows. We dedicated a team of 600 people in Shanghai and 250 people for each other stop working hard day & night to ensure a smooth execution.

The venues were located at influential areas downtown at the 4 different cities. In Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou we set up 1000 sqm indoor/outdoor facilities. Shanghai stop comprised of a 4,500 sqm facility built from scratch over a lake. Each facility was built for the occasion and fully equipped with attractive and functional spaces such as basketball and football courts, training and running zones, climbing wall and digital interactivities.

Within the facility, we introduced a variety of programs reproducing the brand concept of the creators’ spirit. We hosted professional physical trainers to hold group training classes and professional nutritionists to craft fitness plans. We arranged matches between local leagues and teams to nurture future athletes. We programmed one day fully dedicated to kids to train them and teach them how to work in teams. A series of day & night themed runs also were organized all throughout. The training area featured original interactive activities such as the “Power Your Juice”, riding 600m in 90 sec on a spinning bike in order to get a cup of freshly squeezed juice directly from the spinning-bike machine.

The facilities were open to the public from 10 am to 10 pm, every day. The participation was free of charge but every visitor had to register on the adidas ROS digital platform and become an adiCLUB member in order to pre-book the training programs and the basketball and football matches.

The activation registered overall 174,447 visitors, 142.6M streaming views, and 15.873M Media impressions across the four main cities during a period of 3 months (June to August 2017).


Creative Event Agency: AUDITOIRE Shanghai

Client: adidas China