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Name of Organization / Company: APAX Recreation, Shanghai, China
Category: B01 - B09 - Award for Excellence in Corporate Innovation > B02A. Award for Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries - Up to 100 Employees

Entry Title: Discovery Adventures Park - the Key IP project introduced and hatched by APAX Recreation.


APAX Recreation is committed to creating in-depth experience tourism destinations with international IP operations that set “Culture" "Sports" "Tourism" “Education" as the core with five pillars as the content - customized travel, content media, health data analysis, sport competition operations and outdoor e-commerce.

Discovery Adventures Park is the Key IP project introduced and hatched by APAX Recreation. APAX Recreation brought Discovery IP to China, creating the world's first Discovery Adventures Park and giving Discovery a new 'LBE' concept - Discovery Comes to Life. The first park is in Moganshan, Zhejiang China. APAX Recreation brings the content and spirit of Discovery to life with an outdoor lifestyle approach and three main aims - ecotourism, outdoor sports, and education all in one. And from there, continue to launch more theme parks worldwide.

Organizational management:

Discovery Adventures Park Moganshan, successfully open in 2016, is the pioneer of the new model of Eco-tourism, Outdoor Activities and Science Education. APAX Recreation is launching a comprehensive upgrade of its destination layout in China with the “Exclusive Licensee of Greater China” and the“Preferred Global Operations Partner” for Discovery Adventures Parks.

The Management team behind are actively building an organizational structure with the intention of successful IPO within three years. They are the benchmarks at International Standards. The Senior team balances Speed, Innovation, and Creativity with Safety and Quality Delivery, and is actively engaged in building an operational model governed by SOP’s, Manuals, Staff Training, Evaluation capable of scaling up, repeating across sites, and Internal Professional Development.

Corporate social responsibility,

The Chinese government has enhanced its support for eco-tourism and the sports industry. Locations such as Sichuan, Xiamen, Sanya, Beijing, Taiwan and more have been selected as unique destinations for Discovery Adventures Park.

Each Park seeks to protect, embrace, integrate and celebrate the unique features & beauty and of greater China’s Iconic natural environment.

Financial management,

Besides the development and operation of theme parks, APAX Recreation is generating a series of the new economic complex to form a distinctive ecosystem. The pioneering concept is transforming the experiential economy and it is joining forces with global brands to urge the evolution of tourist industry in the world.

Corporate communications,

We have won the following Awards:
2015 赞那度 2015 Special Recommended Destination·
2015《TRAVEL + LEISURE》2015 Anticipated Outdoor Destination
2016 SMART 最佳度假产品奖
2016 InnoBrand 品牌创新⼤赛总决赛冠军;
2016 InnoBrand 创新商业模式奖;创新公益奖
2016 中国体育旅游创新项⽬
2017-2019 Zhe Jiang Sports and Leisure Tourism Demonstration Base
2017 City Weekend: The Travel Destination of the Year

Customer service:

With the attention to details such as Quality, Safety & Customer Service is addressed at the senior level, We have served over 400 Leading Corporations from different industries both nationally and internationally. The top-level facilities and beyond expectation services have left them a memorable experience. The satisfaction rate is over 96% and the reputation has brought the park more business.


Based on our three DNA - Ecotourism, Outdoor Sports, and Science Education, we define four target segments - Corporates, Education institutions, Individuals, and Parents&kids with four product lines. Implementing the message of “Discovery comes to life” and “The world’s first Discovery Adventures Park”, with the slogan: "Where nature awaits, where the true you awakes." We position as we upgrade the Chinese tourism industry through the iconic natural environment and stimulate the nature of people's inner potential through exhilarating adventures experiences. We conducted online campaigns and offline events for both promotional and co-branding purposes.(supporting file 1)

Product design & development,

Discovery Adventures Park integrates true outdoor environment , top facilities , international safety standards , a complete curriculum system , and international coaches , providing people the premier experiences . We offer a full range of product lines - Corporate Series, Educational Series, Individuals Series, Special Series to corporates , school groups and individuals , that are authentic , engaging , fun , inspiring , unexpected and interactive .

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