amc asia! - adidas 18Q3 Trade Meeting

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

Name of Organization / Company: amc asia!, Singapore
Category: G01 - G07 - Award for Innovation in Events > G01. Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Events

Entry Title: adidas 18Q3 Trade Meeting



-Launch adidas China's FW18 collection across their 3 categories, Sports Performance, Neo and Originals
-Encourage interest and uptake of launched collections for the distributors
-Strengthen top of mind and heart share and showcase adidas as the number 1 sports brand in China
-Authenticate experiences and giving attendees reasons to believe in adidas over others and create reasons to buy


-Refreshing the biannual launch with new performances for same categories
-Budget constrains
-Managing construction set up with existing venue limitations
-Large number and types of models/ specialised talents to showcase authentic athletes and performances


-Bringing forth fashion, sports and technology as we transformed spaces and immersed audiences in visual, design and sound environments with 4D sensory experiences and 360º action
-Injecting a revised format that was fast paced, high energy and packed with on trend, alternative sports to grab attention and keep the show on a climax
-Showcasing authenticity in sports with the use of real athletes (instead of models) for each category
-Positioned adidas with in-depth knowledge of trends, target market and industry as we introduced their product stories though current, alternative and relatable performances
-Immersing guests with dynamic multimedia as we wrapped around the audiences with panoramic curved screens that spanned 100mL and transported them into the world of adidas


Dramatising the opening with an impactful surprise as 2 VIP speakers ziplined from the back of the hall (50mL), through puffs of smoke below their feet and over 2000 audiences as they roused the audiences with an unexpected wow entrance.

Bridging technology and art with a 13mW center-stage hexagon fashioned from translucent veils, athletes take a visual journey into a 3D space with several choreographed performance installations and interactive projection that brought out various categories.

Unleashing imagination in sports with trampoline basketball with adrenaline fuelled and acrobatic physicality of basketball with inbuilt trampoline stages that extended close up action to the audiences.

Immersing the audiences with the sound of crashing waves and scenes of the deep blue depths of the ocean as we created an alternative method to introduce running + Parley with theatrical storytelling that led into a gravity defying performance as vertically suspended runners emerged from the top of the 4.5mH LED screens and ‘jogged' through the screens/ ocean.

Incorporating Calisthenics, a new type of trend sport where the athletes performed various manoeuvres on different set ups from an inbuilt money bar set.

Injecting a high energy workout with a combination of the current trend of barre workouts and chair dance for a unique variation as 12 talents whirled and showcased moves to purple lighting that accentuated the performance.

Surprise and action from all sides of the hall as dancers deployed x2 4m opened parachutes from the back of the hall, weaved through the audiences and onto the stage for a statement opening for Neo.

Colours on the screens activated audience LED wristbands where their wristbands changed colours according to the screens and lighting, bringing audiences together a part of the entire show as we filled the hall in seas of colours.

Bending light and making images into environments through the translucent veils to create a sensation of reality as we introduced unique dystopian styling and looks for the Originals models during its opening, along with a performance from one of the rappers from China’s hit TV rap show.

Music activated laser lights beamed out from the center, generating a matrix of refracting lights, drowning the audiences in hundreds of shimmering dots of lights as Yang Mi served up the finale.

Deployment of over 200 models and athletes to bring the 3 segments to life as we featured a range of diversity, looks and talents which provided a refreshing and authentic experience to each.

Credits: CatWalk