Telkom Indonesia - CESSERA


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Name of Organization / Company: Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Award for the Innovation in Technology Development > Telecommunications Industries

Entry Title: CESSERA (Cellular Service on Satellite on the Move for Remote Area)


A sprawling archipelago, Indonesia faces the challenge of unequal development, especially telecommunication infrastructure between its 17,500 islands, the population in the historically less-developed eastern region is thinly scattered across small islands and difficult terrain. Based on the gathered data, five industries that run Indonesia’s economy, such as Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Government Defence, and Construction, most of them are located in remote areas.

At a deeper look, the three industries which are vital in FOD areas (Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged areas) are the industry of Mining (especially for gold, oil, and gas), Government Defence, dan Agriculture (especially for fisheries, and forestry). Since President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo came to power in October 2014, much of the government's focus has been shifted toward building infrastructure in less-developed / remote area (Presidential Program “Nawacita” point number 3).

Indonesia must adapt to the rapid development of technology to keep up by creating sustainable innovation and creativity, the synergy of Telkom Group provides flexible and full mobility ICT solution, which can be used by multiple user by using the CESSERA innovation (Cellular Service on Satellite on the Move for Remote Area)’. CESSERA is designed by combining and integrating ordinarily separated services into a bundling service that consists of:

a. VPN IP Link,
To fulfill the needs of high flexibility communication data such as IP based network but still accentuate the privacy/ security of the communication content. Services to support real time communication applications with high sensitivity to overcome delay and jitter.

b. Satellite On The Move (SOTM),
Satellite On The Move (STOM) is one of satellite communications services, where the antenna and other device is placed on the vehicle, so it can provide a real time communication using satellite and maintain communications while the vehicles is moving. So as to inland though, CESSERA can provide steady internet access.

c. Mini BTS,
Equipped by Mini BTS, CESSERA users can access mobile service just like in the big city, with reliable mobile technology. CESSERA provides mobile service with 1.5 km radius to 64 users.

d. Video Conference,
CESSERA is equipped with advance telecommunication service, including mini computer, ups and video conference. With IP VPN and satellite transmission, CESSERA can provide video conference service while moving.

CESSERA has been equipped into 4WD vehicle, so can easy reach inland and outer remote area. The technology has been proven by passing several phase of development process, including solution incubation process, prototype test, field test on remote area, service evaluation and validation.

There are 141 areas in Indonesia that has been identified as FOD areas. Those FOD areas become potential target to be penetrated by CESSERA service, especially for fishing industry, mining industry and also Army. Indonesian Army has become the first priority due to the urgent needs of telecommunication services on FOD areas. Second priority is mining industry which their financial capability to get CESSERA service and their high needs to get telecommunication on mining field which located on FOD areas. Lastly, as archipelago’s country, fishing business become a lucrative business. CESSERA can be installed into fishing ship to support advance telecommunication service.

CESSERA has been launched in June 2016, and immediately used by Indonesian Army, including successfully used by Indonesian President when visits FOD Area. This proves that CESSERA service have a very reliable service.

As a result, CESSERA has produced IDR 14.3 billion (USD 1.1 million) in 2016. CESSERA is projected to grow by 23% annually, after having 52 more unit orders to be accomplished in 4 years from fishing, mining and army industry. Furthermore, CESSERA has support the government program to deploy country development in FOD areas.