PT Petrokimia Gresik, Gresik, Indonesia: Nugroho Christijanto, President Director


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Name of Organization / Company: PT Petrokimia Gresik, Gresik, Indonesia
Category: Award for Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries - More than 100 Employees

Entry Title: Nugroho Christijanto, President Director


Nugroho Christijanto served as the President Director of PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG). He was awarded the Surabaya Marketing Champion in the Indonesia Marketeers Festival 2016.

Under his leadership, PG thrived to become the biggest and most innovative fertilizer and chemical manufacturer in South East Asia, and gained multiple achievements.

Achievement in Organizational Management and Leadership Development:
1. “Emerging Industry Leader” Predicate from KPKU Baldrige-based criteria;
2. Best Corporate Culture from BUMN Award 2016;
3. Best Risk Advocate from the ASEAN Risk Awards 2016;
4. “Indonesia Trusted Company” from Corporate Governance Perception Index Awards 2015;
5. GCG Assessment Score reached 91.86 (”Very Good”) in 2015, increased from 82.67 (“Good”) in 2014

The Promotion of Innovation Practices:

PG Employees have the opportunity to form Innovation Task Forces (ITFs) and participate in the Annual PG Innovation Convention. The number of ITF participation increased from 820 ITFs in 2015 to 1,003 ITFs in 2016 due to the enormous support from PG management and resulted in Rp. 30.9 billion of efficiency. Winners of the Convention had the honor to represent PG in National and International Conventions achieved the following awards:

1. ASEAN Best Practices Award for Energy Management in Building and Industry in the ASEAN Energy Awards 2016;
2. First Winner in Energy Management in Industry and Building Structure category from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
3. Social Business Innovation Award 2016 from the Ministry of Environment;
4. Diamond Award from the International Exposition of Team Excellence Symposium 2016;
5. 6 Platinum Awards and 2 Gold Awards from the International Quality & Productivity Convention 2016;
6. Best State Own Enterprise Inhouse Magazine 2016 in the Bronze category from Press Corporation Guild;
7. 10 Awards from Pupuk Indonesia Excellence Award 2016;
8. ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award in the 33rd Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations 2015 in Malaysia.

Over the last year, PG and subsidiaries launched product innovation such as Petro Hibrid (Rice Seed HIPA 18 variety), Petro Gladiator, Petro CAS, NPK Cassava, and Petroganik Premium.

Effort and Award in Brand Leadership:

1. Green Industry Award 2015 & 2016 from the Ministry of Industry;
2. Gold Trophy (Chemicals and Miscellaneous product) from the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia in SNI Award 2015 & 2016;
3. Obtaining Food Safety System Certification 22000 from PT Lloyd’s Register Indonesia and Kosher Certifications from Majelis Ulama Indonesia;
4. Demonstration Plot, Sales Supervisor, and SMS Broadcast;
5. Sahabat Petani Tabloid free for customers and stakeholders;
6. PG still holds 100% market shares of ZA and SP-36 fertilizer in Indonesia.

Achievements in Financial Management:

1. idAA Rating by PEFINDO indicating PG has a strong ability to fulfill its long term financial commitment;
2. Top 3 Best eMark Award 2016 for innovation in Distributor Financing;
3. 2015 Role Model Tax Payer from the Gresik Regent;

Hiring & Employee Development: LOLAPIL program provides training and skill development for surrounding community of PG and also a chance to be recruited by the company. PG also opens scholarship opportunity for employees to study abroad, including in Canada, UK, Australia, China, and USA. On December 2015, PG received the Education Care Award from the Ministry of Education & Culture.

Growth Management: Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise in Indonesian MAKE Study Award 2016 for achievement in developing and preserving Knowledge Management system.

Investor Relations: League of American Communications Professionals awarded PG Annual Report with the following recognition:

1. Rank #2 Top 50 Worldwide;
2. Platinum Award in the category of Chemicals Industry;
3. Best Report Financials Worldwide.

We are also the runner up in the Inspirational Indonesia Public Relation Awards 2016.

Board Leadership: 12 Awards from Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2016, including Gold Award for PG President Director in Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries category.

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