PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Jakarta , Indonesia: iPerform Mobile Application

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Name of Organization / Company: PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Jakarta , Indonesia
Category: Award for Innovative Management in Business Product & Service Industries - 100 or More Employees

Entry Title: iPerform Mobile Application


PT Angkasa Pura II are the state-owned business company in the field of management airport services, have the responsibility to implement and support policy government programs in the field of economic and national development in general.

PT Angkasa Pura II have the vision to become “The Best Smart Connected Airport in the Region”. Achieving those vision, Angkasa Pura II is committed to implement a holistic and gradual transformation for the first 5 years, by improving the level of service for their customer through innovation.

There are three business stream which become main income contributor for the company:
a. Airport, as main production engine;
b. Airlines, as main customer;
c. Arena, as other business opportunity that can be optimized.

All of those business streams need to be supported by up to date infrastructure and facility to ease business transaction and to attract new business opportunity.

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, managed by PT Angkasa Pura II, is one of the top 10 Mega-Hub in the world. Thus, providing digital airport is a necessity and can’t be ignored anymore because it will provide an immense growth opportunity for non-aeronautical revenue stream. Digital airport also promotes process visibility and tracking and improve efficiency.

Basically, digital airport not only used by passengers, but it also can be used by airport service provider. One of the innovating tools or apps that being implemented right now is a digital based information system called iPERFORM. It is built and developed using many features that simplifying the process of dissemination of newest information about a corporate action so that employee can access it anytime and anywhere because it can be accessed through handheld or smartphone.

Basically, iPERFORM is showing information digitally, such as: public release/ statement or other information related with stakeholder. This apps also can be used as bank data (big data resources), so that company can analyze and make quick respond/ feedback for every common problem encountered in the workplace. Lastly, this app can be used as a monitoring media. Therefore, level of service can be maintained steadily and can be improved greatly.

Inside this application contain many superior features, such as:

1. Operational Flow
Employees know and understand every ongoing problem that happens in the terminal: taxi queuing lines, incoming reporting, safety & security reporting, airlines/ aircraft movement dashboard information system, cargo and commercial/ business information.

2. Facility Readiness
Employees can access information about flight number, parking stands location and airlines on-block/ off-block duration time.

3. Services Support
Employees have the privilege to access Airport Services Information System (ASIS) and Contact Centre, and also can interact with passenger through social media platform such as: Facebook or Twitter

4. Business System
Employees on the business commercial related unit have the privilege to access real-time information about an aeronautical business, non-aeronautical business, and cargo business.

5. Partners Related
In this section, the application provides various information regarding on-time performance (OTP) baggage handling and reporting that can be used by partners.

6. Administration and Personal Use
In this section, the employee can use many application that have been integrated into all in one personal application, such as: attendance report, corporate regulation & legal document,meeting scheduler, training & development information.

7. Media Monitoring
In this section, app is being used for monitoring social media activity regarding an update of corporate action and news. It will be managed exclusively by Corporate Secretary.
This app is simplifying the process of monitoring corporate news and helping employees to update any recent change regarding personal use. Main purpose for this apps is to provide every employee with a platform that can improve business opportunity.

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