PRIZM, Hong Kong: Watsons Water - Flip a Bottle, Power the Recycle

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Name of Organization / Company: PRIZM, Hong Kong:
Category: Award for Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries -More than 100 Employees

Entry Title: Watsons Water - Flip a Bottle, Power the Recycle


• People may generally have a brief understanding of the rPET bottle. Yet, they cannot link it up to their daily life and refuse to engage such content or information as they think those topics of environmental protection and sustainability are boring.
• rPET, the continuous recycle concept itself is difficult to be conveyed to the public, as the public already has a misperception on plastics recycling idea and practices.

Target Audience:
• 18-45 years old local Hong Kong people
• Active social media users

• Build brand’s reputation on sustainable environmental protection
• Strengthen the concept of rPET bottle among the public (rPET is made from plastic that was previously used as packaging, then recycled and processed to create new bottles. Hence, once used, the rPET bottle can be continuously recycled which helps reducing plastics wastage and benefits to the environment.)
• Initiate audience’s engagement
• Nurture brand loyalty

Strategy & Execution: Main theme - “Flip a Bottle, Power the Recycle”

1) Associate the bottle’s cycling motion in the air with the cycle in recycling process, in order to stimulate audience’s thought of continuous recycling i.e. making use of the symbolic meaning of flipping rPET bottle (“turn it over”) to correlate the Watsons Water bottle with the concept of continuous recycling.

2) Use virtual game to encourage audience to engage in flipping bottle and its addicting game also topped with a delight of self-accomplishment. What’s more, participants are encouraged to share the game to friends in social media by giving them bonus marks via the game.

3) Using humorous and personalized content in the virtual game, in order to reinforce the message and encourage participants to share knowledge on their social media channels.

4) Leverage the publicity of KOLs to broadcast the rPET concept to a wider audience on social media. They are invited to join the Flip Bottle Challenge in real life, so as to spread the flipping bottle gaming atmosphere and create interesting and exciting video content among various groups of audiences to increase reach of rPET concept in social media.

5) A Facebook Game App “flip水大翻身” (Flip Bottle Challenge) was built to introduce the rPET concept, as well as the flip bottle game.

6) Participants select the flipping angle and energy level (desktop & mobile versions) to achieve a successful turning over of the virtual rPET bottle.
i. After flipping the bottle for 3 times, participants are given with marks. At the end, they are shown with the message that Watsons Water innovative bottle is made from recycled plastic and can be continuously recycled that reduces plastic wastage for environmental protection and sustainable development.
ii. After finishing the game, participants were able to share the game to friends by sending a X’mas e-card, so as to gain higher marks and win the prizes.

7) On the other hand, a group of KOLs were invited to join the Flip Bottle Challenge and demonstrate how they complete the challenge. They also encourage fans to join the virtual game and support the rPET bottle concept

Result (compared to previous campaign)

• +5,000,000 Reach
• +40,000 Game Participants
• +900,000 Video Views
• ↑ 60% Engagement to Video
• In KOLs Flip Bottle Challenge, there is a good result in emotional attachment, which drives conversion to the Virtual Flip Bottle Game.- 30,000+ Interactions and 10,000+ conversion to game page
• After drawing online awareness and intensifying the concept of rPET bottle, it definitely changed people’s perception in their consumption journey, which brought a significant sales result in offline retail stores.
• Watsons Water is highly satisfied with the result and decided to plan for next rPET campaign in 2017.

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