PermataBank, Jakarta, Indonesia: #SayangUangnya Movement

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Name of Organization / Company: PermataBank, Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Award for Innovation in the Use of Viral Media / Word of Mouth

Entry Title: #SayangUangnya Movement


#SayangUangnya, Appreciating Money, Appreciating Your Life

PermataBank is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. With the tagline of ‘Innovation for Millions of Indonesian Families’, Permata Bank goes beyond innovation through its product and aims to spread positive insight to change families’ mindset about finance.

#SayangUangnya Movement

This movement which was initiated by PermataBank in January 2016 aims to change the citizen’s mindset. The fundamental aspect of frugal living itself is to differentiate our needs and wants. We will still be able to be happy and enjoy life if we do it in the right way. Hence, #SayangUangnya is an initiative to make a frugal living cool. As the name speaks for the movement, #SayangUangnya invites people to appreciate our life by appreciating every penny that we have.

The Challenge

- Social problems: Consumerism among Indonesian has significantly income especially among the youth. 28% of Indonesian spends more than they earn (Kadence International Indonesia, 2015). On top of that, Financial Services Authority of Indonesia have shown that only 25% of Indonesian have adequate financial literacy (Financial Service Authority, 2015).
- Social media habit: Social media users in Indonesia, especially the Millennials, keep on increasing from year to year. Millennials' behavior in social media is quite worrying where they utilize social media to exhibit their consumerism.
- Marketing strategy: Every bank in Indonesia offers similar products of saving by giving direct rewards or cashback. PermataBank has to innovate to distinguish its product from the other banks' by implementing strategy that hasn't been done by another bank.

The Creative Approach

To embrace the Millennials PermataBank create a genuine young movement called #SayangUangnya to encourage youngsters to start saving money. Social media has a strong role to affect the mindset and lifestyle of the youth. Amidst the trend to post luxurious lifestyle, #SayangUangnya movement encourages people to share positive message on social media t live frugally and able to save some money.

Integrated strategy of #SayangUangnya

The strategies are done in three phases: teaser, launching and maintaining. This is done so that the spirit of #SayangUangnya can be felt during the entire year of 2016.

Here are the strategies to amplify #SayangUangnya movement:

1. PermataBank Social Media & Public Figure
PermataBank join hands with three Indonesian renowned public figures who shares the same spirit with #SayangUangnya movement. These public figures have a big fan base on social media with a total of 7 million followers on Instagram and 2 million followers on Twitter. Public figures have crucial role as living examples to inspire Indonesian citizen to live frugally and #SayangUangnya.

2. Buzzer
Buzzers who have thousands of followers will also orchestrate the conversation about #SayangUangnya on social media in order to amplify the positive message of the movement. Buzzer also encourages their followers to share their own #SayangUangnya tips. In total, those 13 buzzers have 2.759.600 followers.

3. Microsite
#SayangUangnya also has a microsite where it acts as a medium to share information about this movement and frugal tips that can be done daily such as commuting with public transportation, clothes DIY and breakfast recipes. Microsite is also equipped with quiz entitled “How Consumerist are You?” that can be done by visitors to see their level of consumerism. Microsite relies on user generated content, where social media posts under the hashtag #SayangUangnya appears instantly on this microsite. This microsite follows real life occasion. .


Digital: The hashtag #SayangUangnya become a viral conversation and a trending topic nationwide for 5 hours and 50 minutes on Twitter. The campaign successfully reach 6,212,171 people and generate 42,759,707 impression.

PR: Through the press conference which was held with those public figures, this movement was broadcasted and covered by 110 Editorial. It results in PR value of IDR 38,091,885,166 / USD 2,930,145.

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