Oracle, Systems Support, Asia Pacific and Japan


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Name of Organization / Company: Oracle, Systems Support, Asia Pacific and Japan

Category: Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service > Computer Industries

Entry Title: Oracle takes service to the next level with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Neural Networks


During the past few years Oracle Systems Support invested heavily in the development and deployment of innovative and industry leading technologies to further improve our customers service experience.

Oracle’s own Big Data technology was deployed to analyse over one million historical Service Requests to gain insight into our customers updates and our Engineer’s manual guided resolution. This analysis was critical to improve our customers service experience using our automated service delivery capability via improved automated service delivery decision algorithms.

Another outcome was to deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) within our Service Request flow. NLP is now used to read, interpret and act on any customer updates automatically without the need for human intervention. It provides our customers with an immediate response to ensure their needs are quickly and appropriately addressed. NLP is designed to relieve our Support Engineers from needing to respond to updates from customers, with their focus now on highly complex and critical issues, freeing time to action, communicate and resolve these more complex problems faster.

Another innovation deployed was the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Deep Learning Neural Networks (DLNN). DLNN breaks down tasks in ways that makes machine based assistance possible; these networks ask a series of binary true/false questions of every bit of data which pass through them, and classifies them according to the answers received from the data provided.

AI / Deep Learning Neural Networks is now deployed within our customer service portal, My Oracle Support, helps identify SR solutions more quickly with higher accuracy and consistency. The recommendations from the AI “robot” provides full resolution automation or SR content enrichment to assist the support engineer to solve our customers issues faster, more accurately and with greater overall satisfaction.

It was then realised as part of the Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning Neural Networks implementation that for our customers it would be far better for their business to prevent problems from occurring first! The Big Data analysis was then used to enhance the Oracle’s Proactive Analysis Centre (PAC). PAC provides a single holistic system health reporting solution for proactive and reactive services, providing a simple traffic light risk analysis and reporting. This improved reporting now allows Oracle staff to enter an engagement with C Level Executives in regards to risk and allows this known risk to be addressed within their governance and compliance frameworks. Detailed reports quickly identifying at risk systems with vulnerabilities and managing risks through tracking and improving the Operational Risk Index.

Innovation drives OUR results

As we continue our journey of improved customer and partner success through innovation, we have already seen the results of our investment as we strive to not just satisfy but delight our customers. As of today:

• 27%+ of all Service Requests now resolved via automation technology and the solution delivered to our customers with near 100% accuracy
• Automation has delivered an improved service experience, this being recognised by customers with our satisfaction metrics consistently now above 9 out of 10
• Over 45% of our customer updates are addressed by Natural Language Processing with responses fully automated, immediately and accurately and 1200+ man hours per month and growing of Support Engineers time is now saved using Natural Language Processing. Thus allowing our Engineers to work on “higher value” customer activities
• Automation now provides minutes not hours reaction time, in many cases the solution is provided to the customer before they are aware they have a problem reduction overall SR time
• 29000+ APAC customers now have their telemetry bundles Proactively analysed each month against 300000+ PAC rules and growing, resulting in a 13+% reduction in customer service issues and associated improved customer uptime of their systems to their customers!

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