Nu Skin Enterprises, Singapore


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

Name of Organization / Company: Nu Skin Singapore, Singapore

Category: Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service > Other Service Industries

Entry Title: Customers' Experience - The Heart of Our Business


A walk into any office should be pleasant enough for one to return and in fact for any businesses looking to grow and establish their customer’s base, it should offer an experience memorable enough to warrant a return visit with a purchase in mind.Relocated from the heart of Singapore’s shopping district to Clarke Quay skirting the Central Business District,the spanking new office sits atop The Central Clarke Quay at Level 25, offering a bird’s eye view of the magnificent city skyline.

Upon the opening of the lift doors,customers would find themselves entering the realm of premier skincare and wellness surrounded by walls branded with current product innovations from ceiling to floor, inviting them to keep their eyes peeled for more. Within a couple of footsteps forward, customers are greeted by large ambient walls with a looping video highlighting the company’s culture and products.At one glance of the office, the white overall colour of the space evokes a clean and sleek atmosphere, a blank slate where any dreams can be realised.

Walking on,customers meet a curved boutique display showcasing the cornerstone anti-aging products of the exclusive ageLOC® line and a few Apple iPad Minis featuring the company’s NuConnect mobile application for a quick browse-through of the product information, company’s latest news and videos, current promotions.

Directly across,customers are led to the curved Tester Bar where besides sampling the products for themselves, each product is carefully labelled with a QR code linked to the product page for them to explore more options.Standing as they are, they will see a digital Wall of Fame features various Nu Skin Sales Leaders’ profiles, testimonials and achievements.A touchscreen console within an arm’s length reach allows customers to navigate and choose the leaders profiles to their personal preferences.

At the edge of the office parameters, customers are led to the ageLOC Wall where Nu Skin’s cutting-edge devices such as the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner and ageLOC Galvanic Spa are showcased from age to age. At the side, a ‘DIY Health and Beauty zone’ offer customers a quick check on their skin and body composition statuses with the VISIA and Omron machines.

Hereafter,customers would reach the heart of the office where EXSA* staff members station at their various counters to provide assistance if required. A customer feedback touch screen panel at each counter allows customers to provide immediate feedback and ensures consistent service quality. Just steps away, an ambassador helps at the online kiosk with iPad Pro facilities is available to sign up as a Nu Skin member or product purchase. Within the same area, business administrative forms and marketing flyers conveniently supported with QR codes are made available for customers’ referencing and download for future reading.

With the proliferation of digital usage,a highly secured mobile charging station with eight individual slots brings value-added service and great convenience to customers and distributors.

To while away their time as the phones get charged, customers are reassured with an award display to showcase the company’s various achievements and accolades;such as the CaseTrust Accreditation, Stevie Awards and more.

As customers stroll along the office corridor to leave, it isn’t goodbye just yet. One of the key innovations in the form of an Interactive Wall consisting four digital scrolling screens o images and videos will continue to tickle their curiosity and stop them in their footsteps.Once they tap on the screen, related images and information would pop up and allow them to view in an enlarge format.Of course, the function to send the information to their email for reading later definitely helps sweeten the experience.

Last but not least,a bio-metric scan access to the training centers as well as meeting rooms allows exclusive access and added security for distributors to utilize the rooms for conducting training and prospecting.

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