2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – TNT

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Company: TNT, Mascot, Australia

Category: Award for Innovation in Transportation & Logistics

Entry Title: TNT Business-to-Consumer (B2C) home parcel delivery solution, TNT Local Exchange

In September 2015, TNT Australia launched its new Business-to-Consumer (B2C) home parcel delivery solution, TNT Local Exchange (TLE). TLE is an Australia-wide partnership with approximately 1,000 local businesses that serve as pick up and drop-off points for TNT parcels when a customer has not been home to receive it. Not only does it offer an improved customer experience, but it also delivers a range of business advantages:

• Reduced number of residential deliveries, saving time for the customers and lowering operational costs
• Fewer calls to TNT Customer Service to arrange a parcel re-delivery
• It removes double handling and the need for our Operations to process the same parcel twice.

TNT recognised with the rapid increase in online shopping, the demand for quick and easy delivery solutions. But what happens when the receiver can’t be home during business hours to accept the parcel? The customer experience is often halted and so begins another process.

Out of this, TLE was born. The launch of TLE followed the successful trial of the solution over the last two years, now offering an expanded network of pick up and delivery outlets with 7-day per week trading and extended shopping hours – a key advantage over similar services provided by TNT’s competitors.

The TLE solution provides an improved customer experience, offering a quick and convenient way for receivers to collect their parcel. Previously, the receiver would have to reorganise a redelivery for the following day if they missed the home delivery of their parcel. Now, when the driver leaves a ‘Sorry We Missed You Card’ in the letterbox, the receiver’s parcel is delivered to the nearest TLE where they can collect it at a time and location that’s convenient for them. It helps minimise the customer experience impact when they miss a home delivery, and enables us to get the parcel into the receiver’s hands more quickly.

Customers are kept up-to-date on the location of their parcel via our redelivery website, www.swmy.com.au, where they can also register for email and SMS notifications. This means that they know as soon as their parcel is ready for collection at the TLE.

Since the launch, we have delivered over 10,000 parcels to TLE locations around Australia. Of those, 30% have been collected by the customer on the same day it was delivered and 55% collected within 24 hours.

But TLE is not just about failed home deliveries; it offers a complete solution for customer deliveries and returns:

Click and Collect

The integration of an option to have a parcel delivered straight to a TLE location will be available on select TNT customer websites. This is made possible via IT and operational integration into the customers’ existing online shopping carts and ecommerce platforms. TNT sets up the customer’s account in a specific way to meet the requirements, and their TNT Account Manager provides training to ensure easy implementation.

For the receiver, this option also offers a number of benefits – primarily, they will be able to keep track of their parcel from checkout to delivery with real-time SMS and email notifications, and notified as soon as the parcel is ready for collection at their nominated TLE location – saving both TNT and the receiver time.

Parcel Returns

TNT customers will be able to provide their receivers with an option to return goods to a TLE location through a Return Management Authority product. Again, this offers a quick and convenient returns solution, outside of standard business hours, for receivers.

A new TNT parcel tracking app is due to be released, adding yet another dimension to this already strong service offering.

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