2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems

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Company: IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems, Subic Bay, Philippines

Category: Award for Innovation in Industrial Design

Entry Title: IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems


On March 14, 2011 Thomas Fleenor established a manufacturing facility in Subic Bay, Philippines on behalf of International Armoring Corporation USA, since this time we have had the privilege to have built and delivered over 500 armored vehicles to famous celebrities, political figures and private individuals locally and globally. These clients are now returning placing orders for additional units, and we continue to see the demand for our quality products increasing.

As of February 2015 Thomas Fleenor resigned from International Armoring Corporation and purchased the Philippines operation. The Philippine operation is now under new ownership since February 6, 2015. We have changed the name to IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems. We are now an independent company which is no longer affiliated with International Armoring Corporation Group based out of Centerville, Utah USA.

Since the new ownership has been established, Thomas P. Fleenor, CEO and President has been able to invest in current state of the art research and development techniques, equipment and materials which are tested, certified and developed to improve quality materials, application processes and development of new proprietary armoring processes and products which will springboard the organization to the next generation of armoring. Some visible examples of IAC Philippines products consist of rebated, offset glass designs, light weight opaque ballistic armor TATTArmor®.

A molded overlap system TATTGuard® and the only manufacturer in the industry with the TATTWeld® armoring method - This is a Low heat-High strength stitching process that is used in configuration with a “Cold-Weld” Application; this is a proprietary process used in installation of ballistic alloys which eliminates any “Heat-Affected Zone” resulting in ZERO penetration. IAC Philippines is the only company that offers the TATTWeld® install-method which is “Tomorrow’s Armoring Technology Today”.

These are examples of the beginning for IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems as we will continue to innovate as we have in the past. IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems uses “Tomorrow’s Armoring Technology Today” As we continue on the path of innovation and the continuation of product development; TATTArmor® lightweight and TATTUltra® ultra-lightweight armoring materials will surely become the sought after armoring materials of the future.

IAC Philippines has been nominated and received the following awards since the takeover of the Philippines operation by Thomas Fleenor in Feb 2015:

2015 "Most Advanced Armored Passenger Vehicle Manufacturer".
2015 "Armored Vehicle Provider of the Year & Innovation Award for Customized Products". ACQ Global Awards - "NICHE COMPANY OF THE YEAR MANUFACTURING – ARMORING TECHNOLOGY".


Our Mission statement-
“Producing the finest, most technological advanced bullet resistant passengers and specialty vehicles in the world while giving superior service to the end user.”

Our Commitments:

IAC Philippines commitments consists of these three Goals-
# 1 - Superior Technology
IAC Philippines armors the vehicles using the latest technology available and according to the client’s perceived threat. This includes doors, pillar posts, roof, floor, all transparent areas (Glass) lateral panels, etc., exceeding internationally ballistic standards of protection.

# 2 - Highest Quality
With proprietary designs, IACPH maintains the original appearance of each and every vehicle, both inside and out, allowing these vehicles to retain their original look.

# 3 - Customer Satisfaction
With using the proprietary armoring materials such as Armormax, IACPH maintains the original performance of the vehicle. IAP’s armor is the lightest and most ballistic resistant armor in the industry.

Our TEAM statement – Together Everyone Achieves More

Our STAIR Values - Stretch, Teamwork, Accountability, Integrity and Respect

Supporting Materials:

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