2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Mater Health Services

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Company: Mater Health Services, South Brisbane, Australia

Category: Award for Innovation in Health & Wellness

Entry Title: Mater Mothers' Hospitals: Mater Nappies - An Australian First


Mothers want to purchase high quality, safe and affordable nappies developed by midwives and mums. So, Australia’s largest provider of maternity care is helping them to do just that…and proceeds are returned to provide improved community health services.

Innovation's Concept & Delivery

Mater Nappies are a unique range of products developed to our specifications based on the understanding garnered from our extensive market research allowing us to create a product directly meeting consumer needs. Mater Nappies are available in five sizes and used throughout all Mater maternity and children’s hospitals and Mater Childcare. Mater is the first and only hospital group in Australia (and possibly globally) to achieve this. In addition, proceeds from the sale of Mater Nappies support Mater Little Miracles to help fund specialist life-saving care and research for babies Australia-wide.

The range includes the unique Mater Nappies (Newborn First Weeks), specially designed in response to consumer feedback. Most newborn babies weigh less than 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds)—too small for traditional newborn nappies—causing leaks and rubbing on healing umbilical cord.


• Development and launch Mater Nappies (five sizes) July 2014: used throughout Mater Hospitals/Mater Childcare - first and only hospital group in Australia to achieve.

• Development and launch Mater Nappies (Newborn First Weeks):
- Fit - newborn nappy that actually fits majority of newborn babies through reduced overall nappy size
- Comfort - through less bulky contoured absorbent core, ultra-soft breathable material, super absorbency to quickly absorb liquid and draw away moisture, dermatologically tested and proven not to cause skin irritation
- Umbilical cord protection – front cut-out reducing pressure
- Price - smaller, high performing nappy at affordable price for families
- Ethical – no animal testing, produced in ethical factory environment and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification.

• Retail launch of Mater Nappies October 2014:

- Retail Sales –October 2014 to February 2016 -29% sales attributable to Newborn First Weeks’ size—remarkable as Mater Nappies new to market and primarily sold in Queensland
- Pharmacy - distribution to 220 pharmacies across Australia including one pharmacy group completely replacing stock from nappy market leader
- Grocery - launched into 180 IGA (independent grocery) stores across two Australian states. In December 2015, launched into 11 Woolworths Supermarkets in Brisbane, Australia’s largest supermarket brand. Demand currently outstripping supply/shelf capacity, with stock-outs being experienced
- Non-hospital supply - 2nd half 2015 up 42% on 1st half. Q4 2015 up 59% on Q3 2015
- Online - sold through Mater’s online stores: matermothers.org.au; materfoundation.org.au; stores.ebay.com.au/matermothers (7% total unit sales with Mater Nappies 80% of unit sales—sales doubled January 2015 to January 2016.

• Mater Nappies outperformed leading brands - outperformed leading Australian nappy brands in independent, international laboratory testing (absorbency, skin dryness and overnight leak protection).

• Consumer Reviews – consumer satisfaction extremely high, with genuine excitement that there are nappies that work, from a trusted Australian hospital brand. See Appendix.

• Media Coverage – extensive media coverage achieved across Australia via consumer, pharmacy and grocery channels. See Appendix.

• Awards recognition:

- 2016 Product of the Year: Winner Baby Category (Mater Nappies) – Australia’s largest independent new products’ consumer survey (14,000 household shoppers)
- 2015 My Child Excellence Awards: Silver for Favourite Disposable Nappy - consumer voted via My Child, Australia’s largest parenting magazine
- 2015 Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards: Finalist Disposable Nappy – consumer voted via Mother & Baby, Australia’s leading parenting magazine
- 2015 Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards (USA): Honorary Mention Best Community Outreach Campaign
- 2015 International Business Awards: Gold Stevie Winner Best New Product or Service of the Year (Health & Pharmaceuticals Product)
- 2015 International Business Awards: Silver Stevie Winner Best New Product or Service of the Year (Consumer Products)

Supporting Materials:

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MatterNappy Technical Info Book 2015

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