2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Telkom Indonesia: TAM Vaganza

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Telkom Indonesia, Makassar, Indonesia

Category: Award for Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice > Telecommunications Industries

Entry Title: TAM Vaganza: SME Beyond Experience Through Omni Channel

The biggest challenge in dealing with SME market in Indonesia which has 57.9 million population, is its low IT literacy. Fortunately, based on “We are Social, 2015” research, there was 16% of active internet users in Indonesia population (it means more people are attached to Internet) and another research showed that ICT adoption in one SME organization could lead to higher income through more customer and market to serve. By TAM Vaganza, Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) has tried to engage more SME organizations to extend their market & customers in all over Indonesia region by empowering them with ICT through 1500250 Tele Account Management (TAM).

TAM is responsible for end-to-end activities in Indonesia SME market, i.e. pre sales, sales, and after sales. TAM Vaganza is innovation program, which is held under Tele Account Management (TAM). The goals of this program are enhancing customer engagement, increasing agent productivity, and improving revenue creation. VAGANZA is stand for Velocity (Speed), Accurate, Goal (Focus), Augmented, Nurturing, Zuper (Super), and Awesome.

Furthermore, TAM contact center improvements covered all aspects in TAM:

o On Input: focus on resource & quality allocation,
o On Proses: focus on engagement strict-monitoring, and
o On Output: focus on brilliant & fun environment for agent and management.

By this program, Telkom can create a powerful TAM for Indonesia’s SME market, while at the same time, the agents & teams are happy.

TAM VAGANZA was initiated in the beginning of 2015, with these following activities:

1. Improvement on input (Velocity, Accurate, and Goal), covering: data analytic utilization (prospect data modelling), integrated single application for TAM Discovery, TAM management involvement in agent recruitment, and agent empowerment by quality monitoring, coaching clinic, role play agent, mystery call, as well as product & procedure test.

2. Improvement on proses (Accurate, Goal, Augmented, and Nurturing), covering: agent tiering (regular, top 10,000, and team 10 inbound) to accelerate market penetration based on agent skill, upgrade & cross selling activity, PMR & “Salam Perdana” (courtesy greeting) agent to monitor product activation, and Omni-Channel creation to serve top 1,000 SME customers by using Chat, WhatsApp messenger, phone, SMS, and email.

3. Improvement on Output (Zuper and Awesome), covering: daily & monthly racing game team, team building, smart event, agent sense of awesomeness, team leader knowledge sharing & agent testimony, and participating in Contact Center World Award to create the Super Team.

By implementing TAM VAGANZA program, there was an increase in customer satisfaction at 6% from 79.79% in 2014 to 84.25% in 2015. In addition, TAM as a part of Customer Service, was awarded “The Best Customer Service Professional” in Contact Center World, Asia Pacific in 2015.

Furthermore, Complaint handling was also improved to an average of 235 seconds per complaint.

This success was largely caused by program VAGANZA whereby agents was recruited with the best quality, clear career path and movement, omni channel experience program which enables top SME customer to reach agent with several digital media such as: phone, email, sms, social media, messenger app, site visit.

On productivity, sales productivity growth rose around 300% (from 1 to 3 sales a day per agent) that was backed up by integrated IT platform (TAM Discovery: data analytic real time monitoring of prospect customer).

The success in TAM process had an impact to TAM revenue which was recorded more than USD 2.5 million in 2015. Those amazing achievements were considered as VAGANZA program success verification.

It has demonstrated that TAM Vaganza creates a harmony in contact center management where technology, leadership, and human are collaborated to create customer satisfaction and revenue. In 2016, TAM Vaganza Program is still running. Hopefully, it gets a chance to win another Contact Center World Award 2016 for Best Contact Center in Asia Pacific.

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