2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Jack Morton Worldwide

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Jack Morton Worldwide, Singapore

Category: Award for Innovation in Consumer Events

Entry Title: Google Closer


Google approached us to turn the closing party of the Asia Pacific International Music Summit (at Attica, Singapore) into an extraordinary experience - using the opportunity to drive people to their platforms, create ongoing conversations with fans, and prove that they understand the industry. The big challenge was that the summit was an existing event with a superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold. So, how could we use Google's platforms to enhance the experience, not only fulfilling their objectives, but also making it the party of the year, without making it a 'Google' event?

We developed the idea of 'Closer.' A campaign built around a live experience that would use biometric data to seamlessly translate the connective power of Google's platforms into the live environment in order to create an unforgettable experience that would bring people closer to the artist, closer to the music and closer to each other. This was the first time the concept of using bioreactive technology to connect the audience with the artist had been experienced in Asia.

Using state of the art wearable technology integrated with the Google+ network, we used real-time biometric data to remove the barrier between audience and artist. The audience impacted the experience's environment and music through their own biometric data: Paul Oakenfold used the insights from the data to transform his set and the data fueled amazing interactive and visual experiences including data-driven visuals, leaderboards, danceoffs and shout-outs to dancers with the most energy.

Post-event, individuals' captured data – the song they danced hardest to, the one they had the most emotional response to, their position in the dance leaderboard – was sent directly from Paul Oakenfold to their Google+ accounts.

This was an entirely data driven experience, nothing we created would have been possible without it. The integration of biometric data into the event allowed us to both create a bridge between the live experience and Google+ and allowed us to bring the audience and artist closer than ever before. The success of this was measured in the post-event analytics that crafted insights around audience engagement and in the success of the number of people who were engaged (3 million people were reached across social media channels) and the resulting content that was pushed online.

Through the data, we were able to measure the engagement of the audience as the performance unfolded. In this way, we created a feedback loop that used the energy of the crowd as a way to intensify the performance itself - making highs even higher and adjusting the experience in real- time to reflect the desires of the audience. So essentially, we created a platform that tangibly celebrated the audience having a positive experience and one which couldn't have succeeded without it.

In terms of behavior change, the fact the data was entirely personalized meant we were able to create very powerful reasons for people to connect to the Google+ platform after the event - we crafted the data gathered into meaningful, shareable and beautiful assets - the success of which is evident in the reach numbers (3 million across social channels). This activation was so cutting edge that Paul Oakenfold requested the data output from the event to inform updated remixes of his tracks. His Google+ profile saw a 13% increase in followers and 11.7% increase in view count over the campaign period. And Attica experienced the most successful month in 10 years of the club's history in terms of total sales revenue.

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