2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Quizling Pty Ltd.

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Quizling Pty Ltd., Canberra, Australia

Category: Award for Innovation in Education or Training Apps

Entry Title: Quizling–The Quiz Game!


Introducing Quizling...

Quizling transforms the traditional classroom quiz into great twenty-first century learning!

Available on iOS, Android and desktop - Quizling is much more than an app – it is a quiz platform made for learning.

The Quizling Platform allows anyone to create, play, share and learn through quizzes: from a Year 3 student on a farm to the director of a national museum.

Quizling’s Museum Partners already include the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library, the National Sports Museum, Inspiring Australia and the Royal Australian Mint.

Quizling creates learning communities that give learners everywhere access to the collections of the world’s best museums, galleries and institutions… and to each other.


Innovation from the beginning...

Innovation can start with a simple question. For Quizling, a Grade Five student asked: “Can we do a health quiz?”.

Quizling’s founders are teachers, they know that the best learning occurs when their students are creative, motivated and working with their friends. Platforms for making, playing and sharing are central to the digital education revolution that is transforming how learners connect with each other and the world. Quizling is the Khan Academy for quizzes!

Now when a child asks ‘Can we do a health quiz?’ The answer is simple: Quizling.


Innovative in Museums...

Our museums and galleries have some of the world’s greatest treasures, foremost experts and amazing education resources. Museums and galleries are now creating quizzes on new exhibitions, national conversations and curriculum - quizzes that are helping to engage the next generation of learners and citizens.

Quizling provides exclusive channels that enable museums and institutions to easily engage learners and visitors with their collections, exhibits, knowledge and expertise.

Going on a field trip? Engage with the museum before your visit, learning about key exhibits and highlights with introductory quizzes and related resources!

Once you’ve arrived, start a “Quizling Quest” find the clues, answer questions and uncover treasures inside and out!

After the visit, you can make a quiz about your experience and share it with your classmates, your siblings, your parents and grandparents!


Innovation in Design...

Quizling makes it easy to create. It is highly visual and intuitive, add images to questions or take your own.Quizling gives learners the power to curate quizzes and create on any topic and in any language!

Learners love the game format - timers, music and high-scores instantly create friendly

competitions and engaging play. Teachers love the content - world class, flexible and easy to share! Museums love the platform - engaged audiences from all over the country and region.

Finally, Quizling provides the learning analytics and data to museums, teachers, students and parents. Quizling provides great learning and crucial data in real time.


Innovation in Connection…

Quizling meets the mobile learning needs of today: anywhere, anytime! Download for free on your smartphone or tablet to play as an individual. Challenge your friends, your cousins even your parents! Teachers can play through their projector or smartboard and the tablet app makes group work a breeze!

Quizling is a truly social platform that harnesses social media and sharing to make learning open and engaging.

Quizling empowers anyone to create, share, learn and play through engaging and fun quizzes. Our users range from early learners to directors in some of Australia’s finest museums. With Quizling - we truly learn better together.

Find out more about how Quizling is innovating in education at www.quizlingapp.com

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