2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – APPSCORE

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: APPSCORE, Melbourne, Australia

Category: Award for Innovation in Business Utility Apps

Entry Title: Harvey Norman Omnichannel Initiative


The Appscore Motto: Deliver mobile solutions to transform your business.

Appscore is an Australian based, mobile-first technology business, delivering high quality, innovative mobile solutions that help transform the way our clients do business. Founded in 2010 by Alex Louey and Nick Bell, Appscore is now delivering mobile app solutions as an accredited partner of some of the biggest names in mobility including, Telstra, Samsung and Microsoft. Appscore services Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and the Gold Coast with Alex Louey, as managing director, overseeing the 200 staff in the Australian head office of Melbourne.

HaulSmart is a business utility app, invented in-house by Appscore, to provide effective and efficient tracking for mining trucks. The path to creation began with the realisation that there are conglomerates who are able to spend copious amounts of money on fleet management systems contrasted with other small players who could only afford the pen and paper approach.

But how does HaulSmart differentiate itself from other GPS based apps?

The innovation of Haul Smart lies in its ability to provide the same fleet management tracking and performance data we have seen in market for a fraction of the cost. Users are able to have the flexibility of capturing data for any size of haulage required ranging from a singular truck to an entire fleet. In conjunction with the functionality, the installation and management of the app is minimal in that there is no special hardware required for installation.

HaulSmart captures cycle time data through truck operator input. By utilising the inbuilt iPhone sensors to capture a mining truck’s activity cycle (queuing, spotting, loading, hauling, dumping and returning), this app is able to record all the elements that help with developing a company’s process for improving company practice. With the data capture of time spent, duration, distance, position, as well as payload data (material, loading machine, location, destination and haul profile) there are endless uses for the mass accumulation of data.

Additional features:

- Capture any haulage delay times and GPS positions for viewing on a heat map.
- Drop hazard pins on the map to advise other users.
- Create and update site specific maps using KML overlays to share with other users.

Who is using Haul Smart (or) who is the end user of HaulSmart?

HaulSmart was created for a private start-up company within the mining industry.

Check out HaulSmart Online:
To see videos of the Haul Smart app, please click on the link below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMCKE5tCWCZbvIQpj3F0_Ng

How to set up HaulSmart:

1. Download the App for free from the App Store
2. Create a Project or Site by dropping a pin in desired location. Name the Site and choose Imperial or Metric unit of measure.
3. Invite other users to your site. Input users email address and password, assign user level (operator or supervisor).
4. Input reference table data. Fleet, Materials etc.
5. Mount the iPhone or iPad in the truck with a connection to power.
6. (Optional) Lock the app to prevent phone calls or internet usage by using Guided Access under General Settings/Accessibility
7. That's it! You're now capturing data.

Supporting Materials: