2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner - Telkom Indonesia

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Company: Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Most Innovative Communications Team of the Year

Entry Title: Integrated Corporate Communication Strategy to Achievethe Rp. 300 Trillion Market Cap Target by The End of 2015: Celebration of 20th Anniversary IPO Telkom Indonesia


PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) celebrated the 20th anniversary of its initial public offering (IPO) on Nov. 14, 2015 with a number of basic visions that:

1. Telkom is the only company from Indonesia that listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
2. A dual listing demands a corporate governance to be transparent, accountable and meets the required standards.
3. It inspires other companies to go public

At the beginning of 2015, Telkom set a market capitalization target of Rp 300 trillion. It was equivalent to its share price roughly Rp 3,000 per share on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) but by the end of October 2015, Telkom's share price was still roughly Rp 2,700 per share.

To achieve the target, Telkom corporate communications department developed a campaign strategy with several other departments such as investor relations and regulatory management that involved investors and analysts. The campaign was divided into several activities, such as investor summit, non-deal roadshow, opening bell at the IDX and closing bell at the NYSE. The aim of these activities was to spread the message about Telkom’s increasing financial performance.

Corporate communication division drafted the message in a story-telling style by providing a chronological and historical snapshots of Telkom’s 20 years of experience on stock exchange. Telkom made history when it launched its initial public offering (IPO) on three stock exchanges; IDX, NYSE and the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Telkom’s performance on these stock exchanges proved positive for the company, investors and the state. Telkom’s 20 years of presence on the NYSE has a significant meaning for both Telkom in particular and the Indonesian business community in general.

On Nov. 2, 2015, Telkom held a opening ceremony to kick off trading activities at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and used this activity for a massive media campaign, benefiting from the presence of company commissioners and and directors, IDX president director, chief executive of the Capital Market and Financial Services Supervisory Agency, officials from the Financial Services Authority, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise and capital market practitioners.

The corporate communications division also published a video clip about history of Telkom’s IPO for three days on national television stations (see video attached).

Three weeks later on Nov. 24, 2015, Telkom held a closing bell ceremony on the NYSE trading floor. Telkom president director Alex J. Sinaga said that having the company’s stocks listed on the NYSE is an important milestone in Telkom’s history.

The closing bell ceremony on the NYSE was a proud moment for Indonesia. As a state-owned enterprise, Telkom being listed in a global stock exchange definitely has a strategic value apart from instilling a national pride. Telkom is the only company in Indonesia that managed to penetrate a global stock exchange such as the NYSE.

During three weeks before the closing bell ceremony, investor relations department conducts investor summit, analyst briefing and USA investor gathering to convey corporate financial performance.

As the only dual-listing Indonesian company listed on the NYSE, Telkom has proved that it is a company with consistent portfolio performance. Considering the benefits of listing on the NYSE, Telkom will retain its status as a multi-listing listing on the NYSE, since being listed on the NYSE, increased Telkom’s performance as a company with good corporate governance. It is also prove of Telkom's commitment to meet the international standards of corporate reporting and transparency.

The corporate communications division took the opportunity of this good moment to feed articles to a number of media outlets. It yielded positive results that Telkom's share price reached Rp 3,105 per share by the end of trading session on Dec. 30, 2015 and that the company secured its target for over Rp 300 trillion rupiah market capitalization.

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