ILCS - Telkom Indonesia Group- iMOTA: Sea Port Traffic Solution


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Name of Organization / Company:  ILCS - Telkom Indonesia Group, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Category:  Award for Innovation in Business Utility Apps

Entry Title: iMOTA: Sea Port Traffic Solution


Indonesia is a maritime country with thousands of seaports. In contrary, there are still many seaport business processes are not managed effectively and efficiently due to the lack of ICT support. One of them is process management of the truck arrival/departure in terminal. Some problems found are:

• Uncertain duration of maintaining the arrival/departure of truck/cargo.
• The activities and truck/cargo status in terminal can’t be monitored easily.
• Many paper works are still used in the process of trucks and cargo arrival/departure in terminal causing process inefficiencies, human errors and fraud.
• Long queues of trucks outside the terminal at peak hours resulting in traffic congestion around the port.

Seeing those constraints that impact on increasing volume of large-sized vehicles on the road, ILCS (member of Telkom Indonesia) has developed a breakthrough to set a booking system and monitor vehicle movement in port by implementing iMOTA (Integrated Mobile Truck Announcement).

Application modules developed as follows:

1. iMOTA TO (Truck Owner): Regulates the arrival/departure plan and the process of booking of truck and cargo shipments from the truck company to the port operator.
2. iMOTA DRIVER: Allows driver to take orders anywhere. Tracing status and allows the location of the driver.
3. iMOTA OPERATION Module for port admin to create operation planning, resource planning, confirm and set the truck and its cargo booking.

iMOTA was launched on June 23rd, 2016. Some benefits gained from iMOTA both in financial and non-financial aspects:

1. First year revenue was accounted around IDR 960 million (USD 73,846) and projected around IDR. 1.32 billion (USD 100.000) in the first 2 years or 38% of revenue growth.

2. By Implementing truck-cargo handling service at a cost of IDR 1000 (USD 75 cents) per ton, with estimated market at 2% (from 1.2 billion tons per year) and gradually grows to 5%, first year iMOTA new revenue is projected at IDR 17.27 billion (USD 1.328.488) and will get recurring revenue of IDR 47 billion (USD 3.616.511).

3. For cargo/container terminals and logistics communities, the benefits of using iMOTA (before and after comparison) are:
a. From Manual Ticketing to Barcode System: no longer uses the manual ticket but simply use the barcode generated on the mobile application.
b. From On site process to Virtual office 24/7: Any processes can be managed and controlled virtually anywhere in 24/7, thus improve effectiveness and efficiency of the operation.
c. From Manual notification to Online notification: Online and immediate notification to driver for any assigned tasks.
d. From Unmanaged truck arrival to Very well managed truck arrival, thus terminal operator can easily plans and allocates resource to anticipate truck arrival to terminal o pickup/deliver its cargo.

Next Development and Potential Opportunities :

iMOTA has a modular design and open API that can be integrated and to enhanced to accommodate the business in the future such as:
1. Integrated with Auto Gate System
iMOTA and RFID technology are excellent blend to create an automatic gate system. The RFID tags embedded on the truck, will allow trucks that have done announcement/booking can go directly to the terminal without any manual or people interference.

2. Truck Market Place and Payment System
By providing bidding system and electronic payment for cargo owner and truck/logistics company to handle their cargo.

3. Real time Trace and Tracking system for Truck and Cargo
By implementing tracking device, system can associate truck ID and its cargo and provides real time movement tracking.

4. Dual Movement
By providing the information of available cargo to be picked up, truck company and cargo owner can arrange to pick up the cargo from terminal after delivery process.

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