, Taguig, Philippines: Matt Barrie, CEO

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Name of Organization / Company:, Taguig, Philippines
Category: Award for Innovative Management in Technology Industries - More than 100 Employees

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Under Matt Barrie’s leadership as the Chief Executive Officer, delivered outstanding financial results in 2015; last year, the company registered a Record Net Revenue of $38.6 million The company has had positive operating cashflow of $1.5 million, with exceptional growth with over 6 million new users and 1.7 million new jobs in 2016.

The company also delivered record financial results through its accelerated growth. In the first half of 2016, the company had a 56% increase in net revenue to $26.2 million. Gross payment volume in the first half also grew strongly to 354.9 million, up 453% compared to the prior corresponding period.

Through Matt Barrie’s vision and perseverance and hands-on approach, continues to innovatively transform the global work setup as it connects employers from developed countries, such as the US, UK, and Australia, with professionals from emerging markets like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

At we develop our products not as a whole, but each product is produced by an individual team acting as a small start-up within the larger company. Therefore command and control of the organization is decentralized into highly effective product teams who all have access to the company dashboard thus ensuring each product team has all the information required to make the best decisions possible.

Similar strategy applies to international growth, communications and support teams. Working in this way allows each team to manage themselves without the overhead and complexity of running a company of 100's of staff. All offices worldwide are comprised of these small product teams managed by VP's looking after overall operations.

Our communications team works intensively to reach out to our current and prospective audiences and community directly. By targeting them online (e.g. through email marketing, online advertising and marketing campaigns, Online Customer Support System, Social Media) or offline (via partnerships, conferences, events, awards and other activities worldwide, organized and run by our company or externally).

The Customer experience team responds to questions or queries from freelancers or employers for assistance. By ensuring online chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with multilingual agents we are providing a better experience to our users. Additionally, we offer a high quality customer support, the recruiting team, which assists users find the most suitable freelancers for the job, which also works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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