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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

Name of Organization / Company: Finnet - Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Category: Award for Innovation in Shopping or E-commerce Apps

Entry Title: GBILL: Empowering Driver Communities For Better Lives


There are several online transportation providers in Indonesia. Grab is one of such provider with one million drivers to date and up to ten million passengers using it daily. On one hand, driver’s earnings came solely from passenger rental fees. On the other hand, there are exists, for both drivers and their passengers, regular necessities to fulfill payment activities such as prepaid top-up and multitudes of bill payments. These shortcomings opens up opportunities from other proceeds, however existing Grab app did not provide e-money and digital payment solutions.

Thus, in collaboration with Grab, as one of largest Online Transportation Provider in Southeast Asia, Finnet Indonesia, as one of Indonesia’s largest fintech companies, captures these unique needs with providing a seamless integrated payment platform in form of a mobile apps. This apps caters to Grab Drivers needs for new source of income and deliver excellent mobile digital experiences to their passengers.

Finnet develops a disruptive apps that empowers Grab Drivers to provide additional payment services. The mobile apps is developed for both Android smartphones and iPhones, and provides integrated mobile payment systems for daily prepaid top-up needs and monthly bills payment. It supports diverse payment services such as:

1. e-Money Top-up balance
2. e-Money to Bank Account transfer
3. Telco Prepaid Top-up services
4. Telco Postpaid bills
5. Electrical utility bills
6. Water utility bills
7. Purchasing Train Tickets
8. Universal Health Insurance premium bills
9. Future additional services

To enhance overall user experience, Finnet utilizes DPOXS (Dream, Plan, Order, Execute, and Share) framework based on the driver’s perspective. It started from driver’s journey starting from Dreams of acquiring additional income, Planning to pre-register for an account, Order by downloading the apps from Google PlayStore or IOS AppStore, eXecute payment process with easy and simple steps, and Share their experience to other Grab drivers and passengers.

GBILL has been uploaded in Google Play Store and IOS App Store since October 2016. It involved four months of developmental stage and three month initial joint promotional stage with Grab through their quarterly driver loyalty programs. One of such programs is 2016 Grab Car Top Partner Loyalty Programs for their Silver, Elite, and Elite+ Drivers. This innovative apps has advanced unique advantage to all participants:

1. For Company
Implementing GBILL, Finnet not only generates new revenue stream, but also attracts new billers. New revenue streams derived from transaction fee up to 52 thousand transactions on Q1 2017 alone. Furthermore, just in the first three month of implementation, there are more than 10.000 Grab Drivers and three large billers (BOLT 4G Internet Provider, CIGNA Insurance, and CBN Internet Provider) join Finnet multi-biller lists, with others queuing in line.

2. For Customer
Grab Drivers boost their income from shared fee, derived from multi bill payment such as prepaid top-up, postpaid, electrical, water utilities, universal health coverage premium and others. In addition, Grab Company expands additional services to their passengers in order to increase not only customer retention but also driver’s loyalty.

3. For Nation
GBILL opens up jobs to informal workers such as Grab Drivers, which in turn decrease unemployment rate and contributes to both economic and social stability. By introducing a digital payment instrument through a mobile app, it will influence public digital lifestyle and further Indonesia’s government initiatives for a cashless society.

In conclusion, Finnet produces GBILL to deliver a disruptive payment ecosystem to Grab Drivers Community as ways to introduce one of Fintech innovations, offers additional incomes, and empowers both drivers and their passengers. This place Finnet Indonesia as the foremost financial technology company in the region.

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