BTS Asia - Changr: Turning Strategy into Action


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

Name of Organization / Company: BTS Asia, Singapore

Category: Award for Innovation in Education or Training Apps

Entry Title: Changr: Turning Strategy into Action


Changr is a learning and internal communication platform focused around employee goals. The App is used by businesses to communicate and educate employees regarding strategic business initiatives and the corporate strategy.
To create impact in an organization, strategic initiatives cannot be one-off experiences; rather, they must be well-designed journeys of effective experiences and communication that work together to drive change. Across any learning and execution journey, there is always one constant – the presence of four key stakeholder groups:

- Executive team
- Logistics/operations team
- Managers
- Employees

Changr accelerates the rate of change in a business by digitally connecting each of these stakeholders to an overall strategic journey and overcoming the pain-points that inhibit effectiveness. Changr’s interactive and easy-to-use interfaces are equipped for impact at every level – facilitating learning, measuring impact and bringing about results.

- Deploys assessments and interactive mobile-first experiences.
- Captures impactful data in a measurable format.
- Reports results back in real time.

Changr provides a structured approach to measuring impact, and allows executive teams to stay connected to the participant experience through a specialized interface which allows executives to:

- Understand whether employees in their organization are ready to execute.
- View capability and communication gaps across geographies.
- See concrete links between their peoples’ development and the actions taken to drive ROI for the business.
- Stay connected to the real-time execution of the business and communicate it to stakeholders.
- Deploy assessments en masse and view the real-time impact of strategy.

By providing an interface for tracking completion, following up on commitments, surveying participants and more, Changr bridges the gap between learning experience and business results.

As a pre-structured tool with components for everything from booking to action tracking to sending out communications to participants, Changr better enables project teams to roll-out and execute on initiatives. By simplifying processes and minimizing the unnecessary noise, Changr allows operations teams to shift their focus to maximizing ROI.

The facilitator interface is designed specifically for leaders and coaches to keep connected to one or many journeys and:

- Receive instantaneous updates on an employee’s or team’s progress.
- Control the journey experience, from anywhere at anytime.
- Track and measure employee experiences.
- Be connected to ongoing discussions.
- Share best practices with other facilitators
- Get logistic help and usage support from project managers.

It is no surprise that employees have busy lives. As a result, learning experiences often fall to the bottom of the priority list, and can be seen as more of a disruption than a help. And how can you blame them, when communications around such initiatives take the form of generic emails filling up their inboxes, loaded with static content?

With Changr, employees are taken on specific journeys over set time periods. Communication and engaging content is deployed automatically based on set timings, on a user’s interaction with content or on the output result of an experience (e.g. scored poorly in a simulation unlocks new videos). Changr offers a variety of mobile first experiences designed to engage user interaction:

1. Individual mobile simulations.
2. Team-based simulations with competitive scoring & leagues.
3. Quizzes with competitive leagues.
4. Psychometric tools (e.g. communication style assessments to use when forming a new team at work).
5. On-the-job tools (e.g. questioning techniques for sales people to use before a sales meeting).
6. 180/360 feedback assessments & micro assessments.
7. Social action plans: Allow users to set goals in line with corporate objective and share them with their peers.
8. Videos, news bytes, web links and task lists.

With the platform easily accessible across all devices, content is always at the tip of participants’ fingers, and can even be saved offline to the App.

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