Amobee, Singapore and Sydney, Australia


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Name of Organization / Company: Amobee,Singapore and Sydney, Australia

Category: Award for Innovation in Social Media Marketing

Entry Title: Airbnb Partners with Amobee to Launch Award-Winning, Cross Channel Global Digital Advertising Campaign


Airbnb is the leading, trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique travel accommodations around the world. Airbnb connects people to unique experiences in more than 191 countries and provides an easy way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

Disrupting the travel industry with purpose-driven innovation, Airbnb’s global marketing messages revolve around five core tenets to inspire conversation, put good deeds above messages, and support human truths, while seeking global resonance and local relevance in a measurable way.

Airbnb partnered with Amobee to simultaneously reach over 100MM+ users, across 5 different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and video) and 6 different countries (Australia, Germany, India, South Korea, UK & US) to drive consumer engagement and brand awareness for Airbnb’s global cross channel digital campaign, “Live There.”

Research identified that 86% of Airbnb users want to embrace local culture when they travel. This inspired Airbnb to create meaningful impact with their advertising by using video to promote an authentic, local perspective. The integrated campaign supported the brand’s core tenets by urging travelers to “Don’t just go there. Live there.” The campaign also aided awareness of Airbnb’s new mobile app features and guidebooks to show travelers opportunities to live like locals.

The travel brand understood the power of digital video and the social channel to extend the impact of its “Live There” TV spots and further inspire travelers to reimagine what it is to travel, by emphasizing the authentic and charming experiences made possible through Airbnb and its community of over 2 million homes.
By strategically utilizing personalized video across social and mobile environments, Airbnb was able to educate consumers about alternatives to “cookie cutter” travel.

Utilizing Amobee’s unified platform with global scale, Airbnb’s ads were delivered around emerging, localized trends and interests for audiences in Asia-Pacific as identified by Amobee Brand Intelligence which efficiently improved reach among the intended local target audience, ultimately transforming personal interests into a personalized global connection.

Overall, Airbnb reached over 101M global users with the “Live There” digital campaign, driving 70 million video views at an average view-through rate of 10.09%. Consumer engagement with the Airbnb brand was also measured at 230,000-plus minutes of time spent in the immersive Facebook Canvas ad experience. South Korea was best performing, exceeding completion rate benchmarks at 86% from localizing audience targeting and social strategies. The combination of data informed targeting and creative synergy to help aide the shift in Brand Metrics.

Airbnb’s digital campaign extended the brand’s broader marketing efforts, including TV and print efforts.

The Paris-themed video which was targeted to families generated the highest view-through-rate at 17.20%, whist the most efficient CPCV was at generated by the Tokyo-themed video targeted to non-families.

Facebook Canvas ads drove extremely high engagement rates in Asia-Pacific, specifically Korea, with the average view percentage at 25.1%. The key learning from this success metric was that Korean audiences are very open to engaging with brands with innovative social-video ad formats and were very interested in the Airbnb “Live There” message.

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