2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner - Telkomtelstra Website

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Company: Telkomtelstra - Member of Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Category: Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites

Entry Title: Increase a Business Experience through Telkomtelstra Website


Telkomtelstra has defined its customer service experience around a digital first strategy which is linked to our customer commitment of “Empowering business with confidence”. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly innovative approach to customer information. For us, that means we enable our customers to maximise the channel we provide, so they can ensure our solution is a business enabler for them.

Enterprise segment has unique model approach to relationship management. Also buying decision on Enterprise segment have processes vary, conduct comparison and analysis of various factors such as regulation, technological developments, as well as the needs of the internal market strategy. Telkomtelstra aims, in the show's website as the first step to know the company and the service as well as entry into the buying decision process.

Engaging customers is important, as most people don’t convert on the first visit. Keep them coming back by identifying your target visitor and catering to the market that best reaches them. Hence telkomtelstra created three objective plans: Top of mind (becoming top rank website on popular search engine), thought leadership with providing knowledge center, and the last is to create sales opportunity.

On becoming top of mind, leveraging search engine optimisation is a way for our website in the index by popular search engines. This optimisation is intended to be in the first page of the search engines for targeted keywords in building trust and credibility, bring traffic, building brand and also increasing sales. As a complement, we also manage social media. For personal ease, creating personal ease to visitors, such geo-location for preferred language, adaptive resolution is ability to recognize visitor device and automatically image resolution, design simple navigation that visitor can access all information on four click or less.

Besides becoming leader in providing solution, our goal is also to create a great human capability that can give insight to other. Blog, whitepaper and newsletter are under thought leadership menu in our website to disseminate the thoughts in IT Services industry.

To create sales opportunity, we manage two functions: Contact Us and Lead Scoring. Contact us form has a function to receive the inquiry from the customers who are interested in: product, career, or want to give feedback or any other questions. Forms created quite unique, because for every inquiry through the contact us form will be mapped according to user choice. Lead Scoring, each visitor on the website telkomtelstra divided into 4 groups: anonymous, known user, prospect, and customer. Lead scoring function is to give a score to each activity of each user. The more a user's activities on the website will increase the scoring for the user. The activities in question include: visiting the product page, download the whitepaper, contact us fill out the form, etc.

Especially for users who do a trial product system will increase the user's status as a customer prospects. For users who fill out the form on the contact us, the user data will be sent to Salesforce as leads (web to lead functionality).

Overall website statistic between June 2015 until November 2015, we have 6,270 sessions or visits and 4,500 unique users. It was a great result since we launched the website on April 2015. Make visitor have a great little journey on visiting the website is the best way to describe our goal, because you need to take all kinds of visitors by the hand and help them find what they are looking for. Within a few seconds of getting to your site, a visitor needs to know what to do next.

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