2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Singapore Airlines

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Category: Award for Innovation in Entertainment Apps

Entry Title: Singapore Airlines Companion App for In-Flight Entertainment


Overview of Singapore Airlines’ IFE Companion App:

Singapore Airlines has launched a slick companion app for in-flight entertainment (IFE) to complement the airline’s digital, multi-device roll out, of smartphone, Apple Watch and tablet apps. The IFE companion app, available on iOS and Android tablet devices was introduced to enhance the on-board and overall flying experience with Singapore Airlines. The fully integrated IFE experience enables guests to personalise their in-flight entertainment preferences via their own tablet devices both on and off the aircraft.

With one of the highest multi-device usage rates in Singapore from across the Asia Pacific region, Singapore Airlines’ IFE companion app combines rich functionality with a user-friendly focus and contemporary design to offer an engaging digital traveller experience for the airline’s increasingly mobile-centric travellers.

Some innovative design and app feature highlights are summarised below.

Complete Integration with KrisWorld:

Singapore Airlines’ tablet app intelligently integrates with the airline’s award-winning IFE system, KrisWorld, to enable passengers to enjoy a personalised in-flight entertainment experience direct from their own devices.

Improving the IFE Experience - Pre-flight:

In advance of the flight, travellers can access the app via their tablet to review video and audio content for IFE. They can preview movie trailers and rich content listings and plan & schedule what to watch before boarding the plane. Passengers can also personalise the IFE by shortlisting and saving favourite TV, movie and music content in advance.

Improving the IFE Experience – In-flight:

Once on-board, the companion app syncs with the seatback screens, allowing Singapore Airlines’ guests to continue their KrisWorld experience by browsing their entertainment choices on their personal device and enlisting additional IFE options as needed.

Improving the End-Traveller Experience:

The companion app is the first of its kind to integrate fully with the Panasonic IFE system, providing travellers with greater control over their IFE experience. Travellers can use their tablets as a remote control to pause, play, or skip through IFE content. The app can also be used as a second screen, enabling them to browse the media library and access real-time information on the flight progress and flight path, without needing to interrupt their movie.

Additional Innovative Features

The companion app allows passengers to access real-time flight information and view the current flight path and location via their personal tablet device. Information on any updated flight information such as time to destination, speed and altitude can also be viewed.

Innovative Design and UX:

User experience was paramount throughout the development of the IFE companion app and it was rigorously tested with Singapore Airlines’ guests in mind. The app’s UX was designed within an agile development environment, allowing regular usability testing with real-world travellers and iteration with design. A focus was placed on making use of creative and innovative design to ensure passengers interact with the entertainment app in the most user-friendly and intuitive way possible.

The companion app makes use of subtle Singapore Airlines’ design motifs and sympathetic use of the brand colour scheme. Rich imagery has been infused into the design layout to render a modern and sleek look.


On launch, the IFE companion app received significant positive press and social media coverage across Asia Pacific and globally. Singapore Airlines’ apps have been downloaded almost 2 million times, and with continued innovations such as the IFE companion tablet app also launching soon with the airline’s smartphone apps, downloads are expected to significantly increase throughout 2016 and beyond.

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