2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Gold Winner – Progress

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Company: Progress, Boston/Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Category: Award for the Innovation in Technology Development > Computer Industries

Entry Title: Telerik Sitefinity


Web content management is no longer simply a tool for creating web pages. Today, it’s a key element for increasing the effectiveness of digital strategies. This makes the contemporary content management systems extremely complex. Web content management tools must be easy to use for business and non-technical users alike.

Telerik® SitefinityTM platform is an award-winning content management and customer analytics platform. Benefits include:

- Complete feature set: Create content experiences, run campaigns and deliver results.
- Personalization capabilities: Personalize and target content, create persona profiles and segment audiences.
- Mobile readiness: Repurpose content to build and deploy to mobile apps. Build mobile-ready templates and landing pages to optimize navigation, social sharing and video.
- Cross-channel delivery tools: Gain access to built-in ecommerce, email marketing, landing page management and more.
- Device compatibility: Adapt presentations for any device using the responsive detection, transformation and preview engine.
- Multilingual toolset: Support demanding global requirements.
- Flexible integration: Integrate with multiple enterprise solutoins out-of-the-box, including SharePoint, Salesforce and Marketo. Extend the platform to meet any integration requirement
- Data protection: Leverages comprehensive enterprise security, authentication and single sign-on capabilities.

In March 2015, Progress combined the Sitefinity CMS and the new Telerik Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) to create a Digital Marketing Command Center that enables marketing teams to orchestrate a guided customer journey across devices and digital channels.

Sitefinity DEC key benefits:

• The ability to gather omni-channel information: With data connectors pulling information from Sitefinity CMS, Salesforce.com, Marketo, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics or other sources, the customer journey repository in Telerik Sitefinity DEC becomes a single source of truth.
• Increased insight: Sitefinity DEC uses machine learning to relate how groups of customers and prospects interact through all channels, and provides specific recommendations.
• Real-time, actionable data: The solution unveils trends that enable marketers to target their actions and run and adjust campaigns in near real time. Sitefinity DEC provides predictions for opportunity improvement, while Sitefinity CMS enables marketers to personalize and optimize marketing programs or restructure web properties on the fly.
• Persona management: The solution offers profiling and targeting based on activities, even for anonymous visitors.
• Advanced customer analytics (predictive and prescriptive): You can define on- and offline conversion goals to measure and adjust strategies on the fly, insights and recommendations for best next activities.
• Automated lead scoring and management: The solution ranks sales readiness of leads against a common definition of "qualified" via a centrally managed framework, shared across sales and marketing teams.

The latest release of Sitefinity and Sitefinity DEC, from October 2015, provides more flexibility and agility for organizations to deliver contextually relevant, personalized experiences to website users, and offers new productivity enhancements that drive easier-to-use personalization options for the digital marketer’s toolkit.

Newly expanded capabilities in Telerik Sitefinity platform include:

- Multiple segment personalization: Sitefinity CMS enables you to personalize for multiple segments, ensuring visitors belonging to several target segments will see personalized content for each segment to which they belong.
- Widget-level personalization: Sitefinity CMS empowers users to reuse personalized blocks across pages. This minimizes the need to create new pages, speeds the creation and publishing of content and eases change management.
- Audience segmentation by custom contact fields: Further expanding upon its robust segmentation capabilities, Telerik Sitefinity DEC is now equipped with audience segmentation by contact fields. Telerik Sitefinity platform can now leverage data-driven recommendations to trigger workflows in third-party marketing automation systems.
- Personalization attribution reporting: The latest Telerik Sitefinity DEC release enables you to measure exactly how personalized content contributes to improving conversions so you can adjust personalization strategies.

In addition, the latest CMS release offers extended cloud support for Amazon Cloud, as well as Microsoft Azure Web App, which provides cloud auto-scaling and automatic configurations.

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