2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry

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Company: Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry, Zhejiang, China
Category: Company of the Year – Industrial (including Chemicals, Energy, and Metals & Mining)

Entry Title: Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry,

Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry was Founded by Guan Jianzhong and his wife Han Jianhong , the two chemical industry entrepreneurs from eastern China’s Zhejiang Province have become China’s latest billionaire couple. Guan and Han owned 31% of Huafang Textile at the end of September 2014 after injecting 100% of unlisted Zhejiang Jiahua Energy into the listed company. Huafang Textile changed its name to Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry after the transaction. The shares have more than doubled in the past year.

Zhejiang Jiahua Energy supplies agrochemicals and desalinated water. The company has received many awards such as “state new and high tech enterprises”, “Zhejiang Province Safe and Standard Enterprises” and etc.

The company’s has 5 main products and recent developments:

Chlor-Alkali Series: The Caustic soda factory adopts the most advanced ionic chlorine alkali production technology from Japan Chlorine Engineers company, and builds a 210,000 t/a of ionic be Caustic soda production line in two steps; its related high pure Hydrochloric acid apparatus uses the method, technique and equipment from France. This whole set of production equipment is receiving high reputation for advanced technology, high reliability, low energy consumption and excellent product quality.

Hot supply series: There are two 220 t/h high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boilers and three 130 t/h high temperature and secondary-high pressure circulating fluidized bed boilers in power center, and the maximum heating load is up to 550 t/h. At the same time, we also have two 25,000 KWH alternative sets, a 12,000 KWH back-pressure unit and a 12,000 KWH of extraction condensing unit, plus a 6,000 KWH power generation unit of sulfuric acid waste heat. The total generating capacity is up to 80,000 KWH.

Ortho-para series: Recently, we built a 200,000 t/a of unloading Hydrogen recovery and Fatty alcohol/acid production device. This device adopts the leading hydrogenation technology from DAVY, can make mass production and owns features of strong comprehensive supporting capacity and outstanding regional advantage. Manufactured by leading technologies and equipments, our products own stable quality and performance, and their quality can meet the leading standards in the world.

Sulfuric Acid Series: Adopting the equipment and methods from the Monsanto company, we have built a 380,000t/a of sulfuric acid production line, and the designed productive capacity is about1,125 tons of sulfuric acid/ day (24hrs). This equipment is operated and controlled by DCS system from Honeywell, with the features as leading methods, compact arrangement, high transfer rate of SO2, SO3 absorption rate and waste heat recovery efficiency. Moreover, we are the first Chinese enterprise that uses steam turbine as the fan powder of sulfuric acid system. Now, we produce almost zero waste and the assay of SO2 in sulfuric acid waste gas is less than 100PPm. We now are a leading company in this field of China. The quality of our Sulfuric acid series are better than the requirements of top-grade products of China, and the assay of ferric ion <10 Ppm, we are the best manufacturer of China.

In December 2014, BASF announced plans to build an electronics-grade sulphuric acid facility at Zhapu in Zhejiang Province, China, in partnership with Jiahua Energy Chemical. Jiahua will supply the raw materials

Fatty Alcohol Series. We now have a 30, 000 t/a of production device for toluene chlorosulfonation products; this device owns the proprietary technology and patent of the most advanced continuous production method of China. Now, we are the largest producers of China for toluene chlorosulfonation products.

The company pays attention to social responsibility. The company is making effort to accelerate technical transformation and build environmental protection systems under state environmental protection and low carbon economy standards.

2014 net profit was up 34.9 percent y/y at 579.1 million yuan ($93.47 million)

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