2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - Tecsia Lubricants- Brand Experience

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Company: Tecsia Lubricants, Singapore
Category: Marketing - Campaign: Brand Experience of the Year

Entry Title: Food-grade lubricant awareness campaign for Propak Asia 2014

The demand and supply of food-grade lubricants in recent years led to much curiosity without complete knowledge on its credibility, importance and benefits. Tecsia Lubricants identified this as both an industry issue and opportunity to create awareness. We exhibited in Propak Asia 2014, held in Thailand. Thailand is an important market as it is among the top five food exporters in the world with the most advanced food processing industries in Southeast Asia.

Specific objectives were:

Create brand awareness of Tecsia Lubricants and showcase its turnkey capabilities

Equip industry players with accurate information of food-grade lubrication on its credibility, importance to religious consumption, and operational benefits The awareness campaign on food-grade lubricants kicked off with a bang as Tecsia Lubricants teamed up with food authorisation bodies – National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), lubricant experts such as Anderol and Xaerus Performance Fluids. Each had its own consultation cubicle, which all formed together to make a unified booth to achieve the common goals.

Through strategic partnerships, we were able to provide versatile information. People gained newfound information and insight on identifying supplier credibility, food-grade certifications, impact on religious consumption worldwide, food-grade lubricant reliability, etc.

In addition, seminars of different related topics were held within the large booth for a more focused reach. Representatives from each team were the selected speakers. Some of the topics discussed were:

• Advantage of using NSF Mark
• Different Types of Lubricants in relation to Food Safety
• Food safety Crisis Management
• Selecting the Right Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants
• Lubrication in Food, Feed & Pharmaceutical Industries

The unique concept was proven popular with visitors despite surrounding competitors and the political unrest in Bangkok at that time. It puts us on a competitive edge when we broke the norm of pure exhibiting, and instead create alliances with associations related to food safety.

All booth activities and what visitors may expect, were advertised aggressively on Tecsia Lubricants’ website, Facebook, food industry magazines, exhibition’s showdaily, corporate newsletters and via electronic direct mail (EDM).

To create interest and maintain desire, we equipped ourselves with knowledgeable representatives to complement its partners. The entire booth acted like a one-stop food-grade lubrication consultancy centre, which value-adds as consumer convenience.

The food-grade lubricant awareness campaign became a bigger success as compared to previous years in Propak Asia. With the newly innovative concept, visitors are generated as leads. The post-show information is disseminated across partners and our regional offices to follow up closely with feedback.

Leads generated in Propak Asia 2014 resulted 20% more than in 2013. South-east Asia prospects enquired further into Tecsia Lubricants’ turnkey solutions. This led to site visits and surveys mainly in Malaysia and Thailand thereafter, translating to a 30% increase in orders for food-grade lubricants.

Product orders came in with a high request of fully-documented certifications to prove credibility of food-grade lubricants that we carry. This showed that visitors from Propak now understood the strict requirements of food-grade lubricants from the exhibition.

As Tecsia Lubricants’ food-grade products are all NSF-certified, clients and prospects can also be assured of its product quality and technical support.