2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - Singapore Power

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Company: Singapore Power, Singapore
Category: Communications/PR - Campaign: Internal Communications

Entry Title: “Powering the Nation” Campaign

Singapore Power (SP) embarked on a corporate positioning exercise in 2013, with a focus on SP’s role as a reliable and efficient power utilities provider, an employer of choice and a proactive developer of engineering talent. The journey covered a perception audit among selected employees across different employee strata and engagement with the Board and Senior Management.

The result was a corporate position centred on the aspiration of “Powering the Nation” adopted as the positioning statement. It is supported by three pillars of Trust, Technology and Talent. The main target audience include employees and prospective employees, customers, as well as the public.

What and How

Engaging employees in this journey was identified as an essential component for success. We launched the ‘Powering the Nation’ positioning internally among our employees at the annual staff convention plenary session and through decentralised road shows through parallel simulcast streaming in September 2013. A commissioned video featuring SP’s role in supporting national development was screened at these events. The theme and key pillars were also delivered through 27 Group CEO dialogue sessions with staff between September 2013 and October 2014.

In addition, we introduced a new suite of internal communications channels named spectrum. These include a revamped staff portal featuring up-to-date information and important messages, fortnightly EDM providing timely corporate news updates, a bimonthly magazine distributed to all 3,500 staff, and the “Power Talks” quarterly employee lunchtime platform to introduce the spectrum channels and enable staff to pick up useful information for professional and personal growth. With these updates, tools and skills, employees were equipped to tell our “Powering the Nation” story. An editorial committee with representatives from every business unit forms the network and source for information and a sounding board to keep content aligned with the needs of the various business units. The launch issue of the spectrum magazine, themed ‘I Power the Nation’, featured the key messages from the staff convention and key messages on Trust, Technology and Talent.

Branded collaterals and gifts such as notebook and coasters were produced and distributed to all staff. “Powering the Nation” sweets were given to staff who contributed to the launch of the corporate positioning exercise. To inspire organisational pride in all staff, SP also put up National Day celebratory banners with the ‘Powering the Nation’ statement at central locations around Singapore.


Results from the annual staff convention post-event survey revealed that the ‘Powering the Nation’ statement resonated well with staff, who also exhibited high recall and receptivity to the key messages. As high as 96% of 530 staff who participated in the plenary session said that they felt proud about the company’s role in powering the nation. 91% agreed that “I Power the Nation” accurately describes their roles at SP. The spectrum channels were also effective in reaching different strata of staff with the intended messages and met communication objectives. According to a readership survey in January 2015, 75% of respondents said that through the magazine, their personal connection to Singapore Power is strengthened. 75% affirmed that the magazine helps build their pride in the organisation, and equips them with necessary information to be Singapore Power ambassadors. Similarly, 86% of 388 power talk respondents said that the talks have equipped them with the knowledge and skills to be active ambassadors of SP.

The “Powering the Nation” statement has been well-received by staff who have spontaneously adopted this within their own programmes and presentations and regularly use the statement when introducing SP to overseas visitors, our regulator Energy Market Authority and other stakeholders.

Supporting Materials:

Video: http://www.singaporepower.com.sg/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=navurl://38...