2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - Loen Entertainment 로엔엔터테인먼트

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Company: Loen Entertainment 로엔엔터테인먼트, Seoul, South Korea
Category: Communications/PR - Campaign: Arts & Entertainment or Cultural

Entry Title: LOEN MUSIC CAMP (Melody On Your Dream)


LOEN ENTERTAINMENT is South Korea’s largest total entertainment company that covers all fields of the music industry, covering music service platform (MelOn), distribution and production of music contents and artist management. From September 2013, the artist management and production business was switched to a multi label system, actively engaging in the label business and is growing into a leader of the global entertainment market by securing various contents.

In order to assist youths in the low income group in the country to develop their dreams related to K-POP as they were faced with difficulties in their environment despite having talents and dreams in music, LOEN planned the LOEN MUSIC CAMP (Melody On Your Dream) as parts of Creating Shared Value(CSV) for maximizing the company’s competence and assets. From January 12th to 25th 2015, the 1st ‘LOEN MUSIC CAMP (Melody On Your Dream)’ was hosted at Pyeongchang National Youth Center of Gangwon-do.


  1. Through LOEN MUSIC CAMP, reinforce Creating Shared Value(CSV) connected to the business as a total entertainment company, and inform that the company is fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities.
  2. Raise the positive image of the company by providing professional music training and personality education that would directly assist the growth of talented youths with interest in K-POP.

Strategies and Tactics

  1. Host jointly with Korea Youth Work Agency, an affiliated institute of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in order to increase fairness and transparency of selecting participants of LOEN MUSIC CAMP and with the sponsor of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.
  2. Comprise various and beneficial programs such as professional music training (vocal and dance training) in order to support the youth’s career and health growth, basic personality education (etiquette, personal relations, image making, mass communication, diet, vision setting, etc).
  3. Provide the opportunity to become a trainee of LOEN to participants with outstanding potentials.


  1. Approximately 180 applicants recommended by the principals of schools nationwide undergo processes including 1st round - suitability evaluation, 2nd round - practice evaluation and 3rd round - comprehensive evaluation and 30 participants are selected.
  2. Participants are provided with education to realize the dreams and hopes related to K-POP, offering them methods and stepping stones for self-development.
  3. In the Finale Performance (January 24th), the results of 2 weeks training are showcased in a grandeur performance of which over 300 residents of Pyeongchang, a culturally neglected region, are invited.
  4. Participants who have demonstrated outstanding talents during the camp period are provided with an award from the Minister of Gender Equality and Family, individual award, group award, scholarship and additional prizes.


Recently, many companies have been actively engaged in social contribution activities for the youths and residents who are unable to reap the benefits of cultures. In particular, Loen hosted a music camp as it was something in which the competence as an entertainment company could be highlighted. By hosting such event successfully, youths in the low income group were able to gain the opportunity to unfold their dreams and hopes.

LOEN provided the youths with musical talents the opportunity to receive professional music training and basic personality education, and by presenting over 30 people with individual and group awards, it instilled a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Moreover, by organizing a stage performed by youths for the residents of Pyeongchang who do not have much access to K-POP, it provided them an opportunity to enjoy culture.

LOEN MUSIC CAMP received a lot of interest from media as a creating shared value(CSV) program which utilized the professional competence and assets of a total entertainment company. In particular, unlike the existing one-time, short-term events, it received limelight from the perspective that youths would be able to discover and personally engage themselves to achieve their dreams through a systematic and stable camp program. Over 200 media clips from all target media including national dallies and TV networks covering the event, stating that the event suited the characteristics of the company and that it was a model for other companies as a sincere campaign that fully utilized its competence.

Starting from this year, LOEN plans to host LOEN MUSIC CAMP annually. It will continue to develop the music potentials of youths in difficult situations in the long run in order to realize the social responsibilities as a total entertainment company, providing educational opportunities that would enhance the musical talents as well as the sense of dignity and achievement.